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Living in Storage Containers

LIVING HOME SWEET HOME in STORAGE NEW ARCHITECTURE WITH OLD CARGO CONTAINERS There are countless numbers of empty, unused shipping containers around the world just sitting on shipping docks taking up space. The result is an extremely high surplus of empty shipping containers that are waiting to be made into your next home. THE CARGO CONTAINER'S LIFE-CYCLE The U.S. military started developing and using shipping containers in the 1950s. Shipping containers typically have a useful life of 10-15 years in the shipping industry. 8K Ib Shipping containers are made of heavy gauge Cor-Ten steel and are designed for a 153,000lb vertical load. A container has 8,000 Ib (3,629 kg) of steel which takes 8,000 kWh (28,800 MJ) of energy to melt down. There are approximately 18 million containers in the world currently used for industry transport. There are more than 300 million shipping containers sitting empty at ports around the world. If all of the containers in x2 It's too expensive for a country to ship empty containers back to their origin. In most cases, it's just cheaper to buy new containers from Asia. the world were laid end to end they would circle the world more than twice. An average of 675 containers are lost at sea each year. At any given time, between 5-6 million containers are in transit across the ocean. JUUI П Т FROM TRANSPORT TO LIVABLE ARCHITECTURE PHILLIP C. CLARK Filed for a United States patent on November 23, 1987 described as "Method for converting one or more steel shipping containers into a habitable building..." This patent was granted August 8, 1989 as patent 4854094. The diagrams and information contained within this patent appear to lay the groundwork for many current shipping container architectural ideas. SEBASTIÁN IRARRÁZAVAL'S CATERPILLAR HOUSE Completed in 2012. Located near Chile's capital, Santiago. It measures 3,800 sq ft, and is comprised of 12 shipping containers which provide bedrooms, living quarters, and even a swimming pool. The home was designed to make full use of the cool natural air coming down from the Andes Mountains, which passes through windows, doors, and a ventilated façade. 4D AND A ARCHITECTS --- NEW JERUSALEM ORPHANAGE Completed in 2011, The orphanage houses over 80 orphans. It used a total of 28 shipping containers to transform an existing brick-built orphanage at Gauteng, South Africa. Features a host of brightly colored rooms filled with light and inspiring mosaic detailing. PETER DEMARIA'S -- REDONDO BEACH HOUSE Was completed in 2007. This spacious pad also features 20-foot ceilings and an outdoor lap pool. It features a ramp down to a three-car basement garage and high-tech "NASA developed ceramic" insulation. It is made from 8 shipping containers Received the 2007 American Institute of Architects Excellence in Design Innovation Award. HOME SWEET HOME PROS CONS Containers used for human Made for great strength and durability оссирancy in an environment with extreme Some storage units can be made earthquake, hurricane, fire and tornado resistant. temperature variations will normally have to be better insulated than most brick, block or wood structures. --------- --------- In temperate climates They provide modular elements moist interior air condenses against the steel. Rust will that can be combined form unless the steel is well into larger structures. sealed and insulated. Low expenses The size and weight of the containers Overall it is still lower than convențional construction expenses (roughly 20% less). will typically require them to be placed by crane or forklift. Used shipping containers are available across the globe Obtaining building permits may be troublesome in some regions due to municipalities Pre-fabricated modules can be easily transported by ship, truck or DENIED not having seen this rail because they already conform to standard shipping sizes. application before. Storage containers can be purchased from major transport companies Solvents released from paint and sealants used in manufacture for as little as U.S. $1,200 each. Even when purchased brand new they are seldom more than U.S. $6,000. » $1,200 might be harmful. THE IDEA OF BUILDING A HOUSE OUT OF SHIPPING CONTAINERS IS USUALLY NOT THE FIRST THING THAT COMES TO MIND. HOWEVER, CARGO CONTAINER ARCHITECTURE COULD LEAD TO OTHER WIDESPREAD USES OF EMPTY CONTAINERS SUCH AS EMERGENCY HOUSING, TEMPORARY CONSTRUCTION OFFICES, AND INFILL HOUSES IN URBAN NEIGHBORHOODS. SELF STRAGE SSFFINDERS SOURCES Fastest Growing Self Storage Directory on the Internet

Living in Storage Containers

shared by SSFBrian on Dec 23
We to a look at how innovative thinkers around the world are using some of the 300 million shipping containers that currently sit empty and unused. While most people think of obvious solutions like re...


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