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Living Room Layout Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

JLIVING ROOM Layout Guide The living room is one of the most used rooms and space has to be designed according to the personal needs of its users. Here are the five typical floor plans, each of which fits a different and specific goal. EMPHASIS ON FOCAL POINT A focal point can be anything you want: a bookcase, fireplace, view, television, etc. You can adapt this layout for entertaining by rotating armchairs, adding floor pillows or Orient the furniture to the focal point. ottomans to create a conversation circle. EMPHASIS ON CONVERSATION Sofas and chairs should be grouped together so that people can talk to each other easily. The room should be A conversational furniture layout is arranged so that people walk around, not through, great if you are hosting parties. conversation areas. KIDS-FRIENDLY When a room needs to suit multiple purposes set up "areas" Play Zone Arrange a good To create a natural divide between the kid's storage system with space for all the kids' toys. area and the adult's space use simple partitions. A table or a couch works as a natural boundary. EMPHASIS ON VISUAL BALANCE The relationship of pieces of furniture in relation to one another Consider the to form a pleasing relationship of items., i.e. balance a large or tall whole is balance. item by placing another piece of similar visual weight across the room from it. EMPHASIS ON ALIGNMENT OR SYMMETRY Symmetrical arrangements work best for formal rooms. Use pairs of furniture and decorations for a Asymmetrical cohesive, symmetric arrangements make a room feel more casual look. This includes chairs, lamps and art. TIPS •Form must always follow function. •Keep the room balanced by mixing solid, heavy pieces with light, airy furniture. •Use empty space as part of the design scheme. •Consider the traffic, Keep the traffic flow through the room Doorways situated along one wall allow for a large furniture grouping. Doorways across from one another divide a room into two distinct furniture groupings. Multiple doorways will divide a room into several furniture groupings. •Earthy browns and tans, reflecting many aspects of nature, are always trendy. •Brightly colored artwork is making a statement when adorned over neutral color walls. •ECO-friendly materials are gaining ground all of the house, but particularly in the living room. •Vintage and modern furniture, accessories and fixtures may combine into harmonious designs. Sources"pmerrei/furnitureloyout2.pdf Living_Room_Furniture living-room-furniture-layout-ideas.html 1 Furnished Up, LLC furnishedUP A O Fine Furniture & Home Decor lin 866.224.7595 (toll free) f 732.730.7524 Produced by Conversation Area

Living Room Layout Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Are you are the entertaining type who loves long face-to-face talks with family and friends? Then make your living room conducive for conversations. There are many ways to make your living room work f...


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