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Listen to What Your Home Inspection & Energy Audit is Telling You!

RESNET SMARTHOME Listen to What Your Home Inspection & Energy Audit is Telling You! TIPS When it comes to your home, what you see is not what you get. That's why it's so important to look beyond the surface to see if your dream home is as healthy as it looks. A combination of a home inspection and an energy audit will reveal problem areas that could end up costing you dearly if you're not careful! ENERGY AUDITS & HOME INSPECTIONS PROCESS - Home inspections and home energy audits look at heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, electrical and plumbing, appliances and lighting, and insulation. The combination of the visual home inspection with the diagnostic testing of an energy audit provides you with a complete picture of your home. Inspection using high tech equipment. Comprehensive visual inspection from top-to-bottom. Qualify for tax credits and rebates at state and federal level. Fresh coat of paint could indicate problems underneath. ENERGY COSTS – People stay in their home for about 13 years.' Lowering your annual energy bill by $200 means savings of up to $2600 or more! Problem pipes? A home inspection will show you where. An energy auditor can evaluate how efficiently your home is running and recommend ways to reduce monthly energy costs. Appliances are checked to see if too much energy is being used and that they are in good working condition. RESALE VALUE – Your home has two price tags: the market value and the cost to power your home. A home energy audit can tell you how much you could spend - or save – on energy bills for your home. A home inspection will tell you how much work is really needed on the home before An energy audit calculates a rating score on the HERS Index, plus recommends improvements and expected return on investment. you can move in. An energy efficient home is a valuable Recommended repairs now could lead to bigger savings later down the road. investment! It costs less to run, and home energy upgrades increase the resale value. HOME COMFORT - You don't have to live in a home that's drafty, damp or stuffy. Your home inspector and home energy auditor can find the sources of discomfort in your home and recommend cost-effective repairs. Drafts and air exchange can't hide from an energy auditor. A blower Home inspectors will examine electrical wiring for any potential safety issues. door test and thermographic (infrared) imaging reveal cold spots. CARBON FOOTPRINT – When your home is more comfortable and using less energy, you're saving money but you're also protecting the environment. Using less energy at home is better for the country and the planet when we reduce our reliance Home inspection leads to home improvement, which benefits everyone! on fuels like coal.? RESNET. For more information on ways to save energy visit RESIDENTIAL ENERGY SERVICES NETWORK SOURCES: ' z © 2013 Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET)

Listen to What Your Home Inspection & Energy Audit is Telling You!

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If your home could talk, what would it say? Would it tell you why it’s always cold in the spare bedroom? Or why your basement feels damp? Or why you can never seem to get rid of that water stain und...






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