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Know Your Kitchen with this Kitchen Essentials Infographic

Kitchen Essentials Are you making the most of your kitchen? Do you know your Fillet knife from your Paring knife? Do you always overcook your rice? This kitchen guide will help you use your kitchen that little bit better and make you an expert in the kitchen in no time! Work Triangle The 3 most used components of a kitchen are the stove, the sink and the refrigerator. If you draw an imaginary line between these 3 points you form the work triangle. The aim of this method is to have the 3 areas the most efficient distance apart and to minimize traffic through the work zone. Work Triangle Stove Refrigerator Sink The Basic Principles Each leg of the triangle should be between 4 and 9 feet. The total of all three legs should be between 12 and 26 feet. No obstructions (cabinets, islands, etc.) should intersect a leg of the work triangle. Household traffic should not flow through the work triangle. Know Your Knives Bread Bread, Meat, Produce. Fillet Fish. Meat, Cheese, Produce. Chef's Meat. Carving Meat. Boning Cleaving Meat, Produce. Meat, Cheese, Produce. Utility Meat. Steak Cheese, Produce. Paring Chopping boards Green Yellow Blue Fruits & Vegetables Raw Poultry Cooked Food White Orange Red Dairy Products Fish & Seafood Raw Meat Grain: Water Ratios Grain Amount Water 14 - 2 cups (more water for long grain rice) 2 cups 14 cups 1½ cups 12-2 cups Rice 1 cup 1 cup 1 cup 1 cup 1 cup 1 cup 1 cup Brown Rice Cous 1 Millet Quinoa 1 Rolled Oats 2 cups 3 cups Steel-Cut Oats Pan Preparation Crepe Thin pan, non-stick, responds quickly to temperature changes. Sauteuse Common sauté pan, edges gently curved to toss ingredients easily. Sautoir Heavy pan with straight sides, used for sauces and reductions. Saucepan Has a spout pouring, high sides, and heavy base. Rondeau Large and heavy, also known as a braiser. Kitchen Conversions Abbreviation Meaning Tsp. Teaspoon 1 teaspoon = 8 pinches = 16 dashes = 60 drops Tbsp. Tablespoon 1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoons FI. Oz Fluid Ounce 1 fluid ounce = 30ml = 2 tablespoons Cup ½ cup = 120ml =4 fluid ounces = 8 tablespoons C. Pt. Pint 1 pint = 480ml = 2 cups = 16 fluid ounces Qt. Quart 1 quart = 960ml =2 pints = 4 cups Gal. Gallon 1 gallon = 4 quarts = 16 cups Kitchen Apps How to How to Cook Cook Everything Everything $9.99 Big Oven Free • 250,000+ recipes • Import favourite recipes Create grocery list • Make notes and add reviews 2,000 recipes • 400+ how to illustrations • Free version available as a preview Green Kitchen Substitutions $4.99 $0.99 • Vegetarian recipe collection Also includes vegan and gluten-free recipes • Includes lots of photographs • Provides ingredient substitutes • Low sodium, gluten-free recipes pennywell References

Know Your Kitchen with this Kitchen Essentials Infographic

shared by andrew-sweeny on Mar 11
The kitchen is the heart of every home but are you using your kitchen to its full potential? This info graphic created by Pennywell outlines the kitchen essentials you need to know about.




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