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Know They Neighbor - All About Property Crime

KNOW THY NEIGHROR %t R What do you really know about your neighbors? Find out what to watch for, as well as stats about burglary and violent crime, in order to stay safe in your neighborhood. ALL ABOUT PROPERTY CRIME In 2011, there were 138.7 victims of property crime per 1,000 households THERE IS A PROPERTY CRIME ROUGHLY EVERY 3.5 SECONDS A larceny theft every 5.1 seconds A burglary every 14.6 seconds 1 IN 36 U.S. HOMES WILL BE BURGLARIZED THIS YEAR AVG. LOSS: $1,675 PER BREAK-IN HOW DO BURGLARS BREAK IN? Second floor 2% 22% Back door 9% Garage Unlocked First floor window 6% 23% entrance Front door 34% 4% Basement TOP 10 MOST BURGLARIZED CITIES IN THE U.S. NORTH EAST 11% WEST 21% 2. 10 MIDWEST 21% 9. 47% SOUTH Where a Burglar Is Most Likely to Strike 8 1 %3D 10 INDIANAPOLIS, IN 15,122 burglaries 1 burglary per 54+ citizens 5 NEW YORK, NY 18,159 1 burglary per 454+ citizens 9 COLUMBUS, OH 15,169 1 burglary per 52+ citizens 8 SAN ANTONIO, TX 15,334 1 burglary per 88+ citizens 4 PHOENIX, AZ 18,666 7 DETROIT, MI 15,994 1 burglary per 78+ citizens i burglary per 44+ citizens 3 DALLAS, TX 18,727 1 burglary per 65+ citizens 6 LOS ANGELES, CA 17,264 1 burglary per 221+ citizens 2 CHICAGO, IL 26,420 1 burglary per 102+ citizens 1 HOUSTON, TX 27,459 1 burglary per 78+ citizens = 10 citizens List ordered by volume of burglaries, not rate of incidence per capita. Stats from 2011. IN METROPOLITAN COUNTIES 584.8 burglaries per 100,000 people NON-METROPOLITAN: 563.3 SUBURBAN: 560.8 WHO IS MOST LIKELY TO COMMIT A BURGLARY? WHEN A BURGLARY WILL OCCUR 1. 10 Someone who lives within 2 miles of the victim's home– maybe even a neighbor! б б Between Within a time window A white male under age 25, with prior 10:00 AM AND 3:00 PM FROM 1.5 - 12 MINUTES offenses In a single-family detached home with no alarm system Homes without security systems are 3x more likely to be burgled 65% of violent burglary victims said they knew the offenders Single-family detached homes have more entry points and more places to hide GET TO REALLY KNOW THY NEIGHBOR Neighbors who know each other are more likely to look out for one another Close-knit neighborhoods may be less likely to suffer burglaries because folks keep a watchful eye on their neighbors' houses as well as their own! Give your trusted neighbors emergency contact info in case they notice anything suspicious Neighborhood associations can help identify suspicious individuals and unite trusted neighbors BACKGROUND CHECKS CAN HELP YOU DISCOVER A LOT ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBORS, SUCH AS... Other criminal activity, including burglary and murder Sex offenses Drug charges Traffic violations XXX aililililull KNOWING WHICH NEIGHBORS YOU CAN TRUST AND WHICH TO AVOID CAN HELP YOU MAKE SMARTER DECISIONS FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY instant checkmate Find the truth about anyone Sources http://www.ojp.usdoj gov/newsroom/pressreleases/2012/ojppr101712.pdf http://www.protectamerica.comhome-security-blog/tag/how-burglars-break-in (via u.s/2011/crime-in-the-u.s.-2011/tables/table_16 rate_number_of_crimes_per_100000_inhabitants_by_population_group_2011.xis

Know They Neighbor - All About Property Crime

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In the United States, a burglary occurs approximately every 15-seconds and 65% of violent burglary victims say they knew the offenders.


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