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Kitchen Survival Guide

KITCHEN SURVIVAL GUIDE STAY SAFE IN YOUR KITCHEN WITH THESE TIPS & TRICKS Presented by CABINETS TO GO! BACTERIA SAFETY THE DANGERS 200x ATTACK OF THE KILLER FOOD SHARKS ARE SAFER THAN FOOD CLEAN ENOUGH TO EAT OFF OF According to the DCD, 1 in 6 Americans are hit by food Only 19 deaths in 2012 from shark attacks, while there were roughly 5,000 food An average cutting board has about 200 times more (fecal) poisoning every year. bacteria than a toilet seat does. poisoning-related deaths in 2009. HOW TO STAY SAFE FROM BACTERIA V Safety First! Be sure to wash anything that comes into your kitchen that is not in a package. Be Diligent! Constantly clean all cutting boards, preparation surfaces and serving trays. Scrubs over Sponges!A plastic scrub brush is ideal. Use these types of cleaners as opposed to the standard foam sponge, which is prime for growing bacteria. Keep it Clean! Sanitize your sink and drain when dealing with anything raw. / Wash your Hands! Do this throughout the food preparation process and after you are done cooking. FIRE SAFETY THE DANGERS 2,900 BURNING THOSE DOLLARS KITCHEN NIGHTMARES FIRES ARE KILLER In 2009, $7.6 billion was lost 92% of all civilian structure In 2009, 2,900 people died from due to house fires. This fire deaths resulted from from home fires. This was more amount of money could feed home fires, and 42% began in than drownings (1,100), firearms around 9 million families for the kitchen. (400) and airplance accidents a month. (474) combined. HOW TO AVOID FIRES AND BURNS Be Aware! Ovens, toasters, and almost anything that uses heat can result in a fire. Keep it Together! Avoid loose clothing or hair while cooking as it can catch fire. Clean House! Keeping your oven or stove clean will prevent the chance that it will catch fire. Take Care! Turn pots and pans on the stove so that handles are facing inwards, preventing you from bumping against the handle when walking by and spilling the contents. Water Won't Work! Do NOT throw water onto a grease or electrical fire. An ABC (paper, liquid, electrical) type fire extinguisher can handle most household fires. Get a Smoke Alarm! It might be a bit embarrassing when the roast gets overcooked, but not nearly as much if it's the house that's roasting. POISON SAFETY THE DANGERS 17K 33K POISON'S DEATH TOLL IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! WHY KIDS HATE CLEANING In 2010, there were 33,041 78% of poison exposures In 2012, 17,000 children under deaths in the U.S. that were unintentional. This six years old were exposed to includes exposure to pain medications, personal care products, and batteries. resulted from the effects of poison, 10% of which were unintentional poisonings. household cleaners. HOW TO AVOID UNINTENTIONAL POISONING DEATHS Out of Sight, Out of Mind! Keep all dangerous chemicals locked and away from the reach of children. Be Clear! Clearly identify all poisons and never move a poisonous material to a different bottle. Give it Some Room! Do not keep any chemicals near the stove or other heating surfaces. CABINETS TO GO! Need help creating a safe and beautiful kitchen? Cabinets To Go features a large collection of high quality, wood cabinets at affordable prices that can offer your home a completely new look. Never compromise on quality, price or style, with Cabinets To Go in your kitchen, you can feel assured knowing that your home features the best in kitchen cabinets. From French farmhouse to urban loft, head to to discover the many styles of kitchen cabinets and to find out the nearest Cabinets To Go location. RESOURCES BACTERIA FIRE POISON ...

Kitchen Survival Guide

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Feeling safe and secure in your own kitchen is what Cabinets To Go strives to achieve every time someone begins to consider a kitchen cabinet renovation. However, the kitchen can be a dangerous place ...


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