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The Kitchen Remodeling Process: Start to Finish

The Kitchen Remodeling Process Start To Finish | emodeling your kitchen can seem like a daunting task. Where to begin, who to contact, what materials to use, your budget, etc., are just some of the tough choices a homeowner will make during a remodel. It would be nice if a kitchen remodel came with an owner's manual that gave step by step instructions... 1. Ask Yourself: Why Do I Want To Remodel? L, Only remodel the kitchen if it will solve a need or will significantly increase the quality of life for you and your family. if you will end up spending significantly more on the remodel than you would get back when you sell the house you might want to rethink the Don't remodel the kitchen only because you want to increase the value of your home to sell it. project. 2. How Do You Want To Remodel? Get ideas AND Take a look at friend's and neighbor's homes for ideas. Magazines Websites Get a good idea of what you want in your new kitchen, including colors, types of wood, tile size and appliance size and keep all of your ideas together in one safe place. Social Media НСTV TV Shows 3. What's Your Budget? Talk to your lender and get pre-approved for a specific amount and add that amount to the amount of your own money you can comfortably spend. 27.5k 0%oi Contracted Price 20k Final Price 10% Subtract at least 10% for contingencies (unforeseen expenses) and use that amount as A kitchen remodel will almost never cost less than the contracted price, but will often end up your hard bottom line costing more. Plan for this. Do not cross this line! Example Kitchen Remodel Cost 4. Who Will Do The Remodel? if a reference is unwilling to show you the work it could be a red flag. Check the contractor's license #'s Get proof of comprehensive insurance and make sure the contractor has no CSLB Ask for three references from each bidding complaints against them contractor. Ask to see their work in person. Your state will have a website to look up the license number and/or business name and will tell you if it's valid and Get 3 different bids at minimum and tell each contractor you're getting other bids. Make sure each bid includes BBB current the things you want for easy comparison. Know what is and is not included in each bid. Get References 5. Get Permits Each permit must have its own plans submitted for approval and a city inspector personally approve the work ahead of time with an on-site visit. up Depending on the scope of the kitchen remodel, you may need permits. Electrical Plumbing SUCH AS O Often the contractor will obtain the permits for you and include the cost of the permits in the overall price of the remodel Mechanical Structural 6. Make Final Decisions & Draw The Plans Materials Selection The cost of your kitchen remodel will depend heavily on the materials you choose. Select the exact materials you want to use, including countertops, appliances, hardware and faucets. It is incredibly difficult and often costly to change your mind later. Get all of your material selections included in your contract with their current prices (or buy the materials yourself if it saves money) and have a professional design drawn up (either 3D or blueprint). 1. Sign The Contract if you specify a start Ask for copies of the contracts between your general contractor and his subcontractors. and end date make sure Do not sign the contract unless you are 100% sure you fully understand all of the terms, the scope of the work, the exact cost, the specifications for contingencies and what is and is not included in the you have a plan for if the project goes longer than what's in the contract. June Mo Tu remodel. 13 14 15 19 20 21 22 25 23 26 27 28 29 30 Get a written warranty for materials, products and labor and understand Do not provide more than 10% of the cost of the remodel up front. what it includes. According to Federal law you have three days to cancel the contract after signing. 8. Demolish The Kitchen You can help with the demolition if you and your contractor agree and it helps on cost. if you plan to recycle some of your used building materials make sure the if you plan to donate some of your used building materials keep these items separate so they don't get thrown away. Take care when demolishing areas around these items. Often, a charity will come pick them up for you. contractor does not dispose of them in the landfill. Designate an area or storage container for these materials. 9. Check On The Progress Meet or communicate with the general contractor daily. Communicate instantly if there is a problem and make sure it's solved quickly. Only provide payments as progress is being made. Do not pay for more than what has already been completed and only if you are happy with the work. Do not continue to pay if Hi Cortractort Hellot you are unsatisfied or contractual obligations are left unfulfilled Make sure you or the general contractor is available to meet the city inspector. Verify all of the work being performed is according to city code. 10. Review The Kitchen Remodel Do not pay until the kitchen remodel Get a written warranty for materials and labor and keep it in a safe place. is 100% completed. Warranty Once the project is completed walk through and test everything. Make sure appliances work, all screws are in place, all knobs and har Request an Affidavit of Final Release from your contractor when you make the final payment to protect you from claims made by subcontractors for non-payment of work. if everything is in place and you're happy with the result pay the final portion of your bill. are are secure, check electrical outlets and plumbing, and there are no more little things to do. Sources California State Licence Board PBS House Contractor Tips Remodeling Magazine Cost VS Value Report 2011 (Los Angeles) The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) Brought to you by: PALATIN EREMODELING, ING ase

The Kitchen Remodeling Process: Start to Finish

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It seems like there is a severe lack of information readily available that tells the average homeowner what they should expect from a kitchen remodel. Sure, there are plenty of resources, like the Nat...


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