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Kitchen Countertop Options: What You Need to Know

KITCHEN COUNTERTOP SURFACES COMPARISON AND CARE GUIDE Cost $-$$$$ GRANITE Cost varies based on type and availability of the specific stone. Durability (Medium to High) Heat Resistance Food Safe Easily cleaned if properly sealed. Design Details Granite is highly versatile. Granite is available in a myriad of colors, "patterns," and veining (a unique pattern of lines, streaks, or veins due to the minerals found in the earth at the time of formation, also known as movement). Ogee edges and soft curves can be used in traditional kitchen designs, while mitered built-up 3"edges, pencil edges and straight-edged cuts in the stone lend themselves to transitional/contemporary designs. Maintenance All stone countertops are susceptible to staining and etching; it's best to wipe off the countertop after each use and avoid leaving cooking oils, citrus, and alcohol on the surface. Also, make sure to use coasters under all glasses, especially those containing alcohol or citrus. Blot any spills with a paper towel immediately, and flush with water and clean with stone cleaner or mild soap and water. Re-buff and seal your granite countertop every 1-2 years for best stain resistance and appearance. Cost $$$-$$$$ MARBLE Durability Susceptible to staining, etching and scratches. Should be properly sealed to reduce staining. Heat Resistance Food Safe Design Details Marble is most commonly used in traditional designs due to its distinct veining and timeless look. It's most often found on islands, bathrooms and flooring. Maintenance Though stones can withstand all but high heat, use trivets or mats to avoid scratching and marble repair. Clean with stone cleaner, water, or a mild soap and water. QUARTZITE $$$-$$$$ Cost Durability An extremely hard stone (depending on quartz content) but can be susceptible to chipping. Heat Resistance Food Safe Less porous than some stone surfaces. Design Details Like granite, quartzite is highly versatile, and colors vary widely. Because of its high quartz content, some quartzites can be more stain resistant; however, it depends on the particular stone. All quartzite needs proper maintenance and care. Maintenance Quartzite can be easy to maintain with stone cleaners or soap and water. However, do not use excessive cleaner or soapS, which may leave streaks or a film. $$-$$$ QUARTZ Cost Durability Resistant to scratches, burns and stains. Heat Resistance Food Safe Design Details An ecofriendly option, most quartz is a compound material manufactured mainly in the US or Europe. It is comprised of ground quartz, a binder, and pigment, then formed into slabs with high heat and pressure. Quartz requires less maintenance and is a greener alternative to natural stone. Maintenance Quartz is easy to maintain and clean with soap and water or Windex. It maintains a polished appearance with minimal effort and needs no sealing. SOAPSTONE Cost $$-$$$$ Durability Soapstone is relatively soft and can chip, scratch and flake. It can be oiled to maintain a uniform appearance. Heat Resistance Food Safe Naturally dense with low liquid absorption, soapstone is relatively food safe. Design Details Soapstone is most common in more traditional designs due in part to veining in the stone. Quarrying large-sized slabs is often difficult, so soapstone is more often used for smaller countertops. In larger counter application, soapstone tops require more joints when fabricated than other countertop materials like granite, marble or quartz. Maintenance Clean soapstone with soap and water. Should be occasionally treated with food-safe mineral oil for appearance and sealing. NATURAL WOOD Cost $$-$$$$ Durability Softer than stone and over time will show nicks and wear, though these can add charm and character as wood will patina over time. May be re-surfaced or sealed, however. Heat Resistance Food Safe Contains anti-bacterial enzymes found in the trees from which it was made, or can be sealed with food safe sealer. Design Details Wood is most commonly used in transitional and traditional styles of design, but it can also add warmth to contemporary designs, utilizing contrasting materials like stainless steel and glass when used in combination. Maintenance Wipe clean and sanitize with a mixture of vinegar and water. Wood can be occasionally oiled after cleaning for best appearance. GLASS Cost $$-$$$$ Equivalent to mid-range and above granite. Customized glass will be more expensive. Durability Heat Resistance (Medium to High) Food Safe Glass is non-porous and cleans easily. Design Details Glass can be a very versatile countertop material, since it comes in varying colors and thicknesses. Also, glass can be back-painted in any color, and it's available with a large number of possible trims and other effects such as frosting, etching, and edge lighting. Maintenance Glass is easily cleaned with glass cleaner or soap and water. Glass will scratch and chip with improper use and care, however. 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Kitchen Countertop Options: What You Need to Know

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Our Kitchen Countertop Surfaces guide will compare and contrast your kitchen countertops options so that you can make an informed decision. Our guide includes the most popular countertop surface mater...


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