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Kids Off to College? Here Are 10 Killer Remodeling Ideas!

Your kids are out of the house! Whether they left to go to college, ran away to the circus or just thought it was time, you suddenly find yourself with a lot of extra space. What will you do with it?! We have some suggestions... Personal Gym / Fight Club The thought that we can get a workout without leaving the house (or even putting on pants) is something most of us can get behind. By outfitting your new room with your preferred muscular torture devices, you can get totally ripped and пever worry about wearing shoes in the gym shower again. Unless shower shoes are your thing, of course. Guest Room This one is a classic. All you have to do is take down all the strange things your kid put on the walls, clean out the closet and get rid of that funky smell. A fresh coat of paint never hurt anyone either. Poker / Game Room You'll have a lot more time for entertaining so you might as well pick up a pool table, dart board, ping pong/foosball/poker table and you can host parties while simultaneously making money off your friends. Bonus points for a signed photo from ping pong legend Forrest Gump. Library With the sudden abundance of alone time, you ean focus on an activity that's fun, relaxing and enlightening. By adding some book shelves, comfortable seating, and some blankets to burrow under, you can turn your vacant room into a library that scholars would envy. Bonus points if you also catalogue everything according to the Dewey Decimal System. Office With some simple additions, you can turn your now-vacant space into a productivity palace. Add a desk, a computer, a filing cabinet, a professional -yet-comfortable chair plus a coffee machine and you have veritable den of computation and dissertation. Man Cave Burp! All guys want a place to call their own where they can be themselves (read: burp and fart to their heart's content) and this provides an excellent opportunity to cash in on this life goal. All you need is a couch, maybe a recliner or two and an absurdly large TV. If you really want to go all out (read: never have to leave) a urinal, a beer fridge, a pizza delivery pulley-system and an assortment of video games are necessities. Woman Cave Throw in a spa, expand the closet, add a craft table and maybe a massage table (complete with hunky Swedish masseuse) and you have yourself a woman cave to rival all others. Indoor Bouncy Castle It's a scientific fact that all adults would jump in every bouncy castle they come across if it wasn't for the embarrassment that goes along with accidentally deflating the Moon Bounce at your kid's birthday party. Put an air-filled bouncy floor and some padded walls in your newly vacant room and you'll be able to have hours of fun without ever having to be judged by young children. Wine Cellar / Bar With no kids in the house, you don't have to worry about them raiding your hooch. Turn their old room into a temperature controlled wine cellar with a wet bar equipped to celebrate with all your other newly freed friends. Room For Rent There are always people who could use a room. Exchange students, Craigslisters, VRBOers, AirBNBers,and many other people are always on the hunt. You could make some extra cash by providing a room for rent while making some great new friends in the process. STORAGE DOOR DOOR MOVING

Kids Off to College? Here Are 10 Killer Remodeling Ideas!

shared by JaysonS on Aug 31
Did you know that the average cost to raise a child in the US is now over $240,000? That’s one serious chunk of change! THANK GOODNESS THAT’S OVER. Now that your kid is off to college, why not s...




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