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Keeping Up With Your Septic System

KEEPING UP WITH YOUR SEPTIC SYSTEM When you have a septic system, you should pay special attention to what goes down BROUGHT TO YOU BY: your drains. CREWS ENVIORMENTAL REASONS TO MAINTAIN YOUR SYSTEM 2 Family Health Save Benefits Money Community Have your system inspected and pumped every 3 to 5 years to avoid costly repairs. Be responsible about what you flush and put down your drains to avoid health risks. Keeping your system in good operating condition avoids ground water contamination. $4 %24 WHAT SHOULDN'T GO IN YOUR WATER Paper Towels Food Scraps Tissues Coffee Grinds Feminine Products Grease Cigarette Butts Cooking Oils Dental Floss Limit the amount of household cleaners Condoms and chemicals that you dispose of down the drain. Things like paints, anti-freeze, pharmaceuticals, bleach, and disenfectants. Kitty Litter Disposable Diapers AVOID SYSTEM OVERLOAD BY USING WATER WISELY Using water wisely is important for your septic system because continual saturation of the soil in the drainfield can affect the ability to naturally remove toxins, bacteria, and viruses from wastewater. 00000 Laundry Room Bathroom Kitchen Use Energystar products 1 to save up to 50% in water use. Turn off water while Fill the sink once rather brushing teeth. 2 Limit time in the shower. 1 than running water while doing the dishes. Never do several loads in Turn the water off when 2 washing your hands. Install efficient toilets succession. and shower fixtures. CONTACT: in 239-332-1986 Source:

Keeping Up With Your Septic System

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When you have a septic system, your should pay special attention to what goes down your drains. Here are some tips to keep your system at its best.


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