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Keeping the Warmth Alive: Facts on Boiler Efficiency and Servicing

KEEPING THE WARMTH ALIVE FACTS ON BOILER EFFICIENCY & SERVICING HEATING EFFICIENCY If everyone in the UK installed a HIGH-EFFICIENCY CONDENSING Since 2010 only boilers that are The cost of heating a home during cold winter months makes up about BOILER with full sets of heating controls, it would SAVE enough ENERGY to heat MILLION HOMES 88% 60% 1.9 s or more efficient can be installed in homes for a whole year and save around 6.7 MILLION tons of Co2 and most are sold between of ENERGY BILLS 88% and 89.7% efficient 2 TYPES OF SEDBUK RATINGS An average SAVINGS per household of HOW IS BOILER SEDBUK EFFICIENCY A-G CALCULATED? SEDBUK 2005 £310 A system used to classify and compare boilers on how efficient they are at converting fuel into heat OLDER SYSTEM Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers SEDBUK 2009 on ENERGY BILLS after installing a in the UK NEWER SYSTEM new boiler ANNUAL FUEL COSTS WITH DIFFERENT BOILER TYPES BOILER TYPE EFFICIENCY FLAT BUNGALOW TERRACED SEMI-DETACHED DETACHED Old gas heavy weight Old gas light weight New non-condensing New condensing £ 779 £ 659 £ 549 £ 481 55% £1020 £1062 £1204 £1705 £ 863 £ 719 £ 630 £ 898 £ 749 £ 656 65% £1019 £1442 £ 849 £ 744 78% £1202 89% £1053 There are stil| 4.5 million G rated boilers in use that are rated 70% Changing from a G to A rated boiler could £235 Upgrading a boiler 1.2 could make LESS EFFICIENT ANNUALLY a yearly SÁVINGS of TONS OF CO? SAVE up to CENTRAL HEATING MAINTENANCE Average cost of a BOILER SERVICE is between £50 and £75 A poorly maintained boiler can use Approximately 26 million households in the UK are 26% 10% ENERGY MORE running WASTEFUL BOILERS annually spending an unnecessary of households in the UK haven't had their boiler serviced in a year unnecesary400 annually than a maintained one Pilot light Less hot goes out water flow CENTRAL HEATING SERVICE Yellow Flame I Boiler meets current regulations I Turned ON to check for faults I Remove casing to check all components I Check flue terminals for obstructions I Check gas valve using a flue gas analyser I Check for cleanliness of system I Receive boiler servicing report Loud noises SIGNS IF BOILER NEEDS SERVICING Pressure POWER FLUSHING the process by which heating systems are forcibly cleansed using water at high velocity, but at low pressure, so that no physical damage is caused to the system drops Stains near Frequent overheating appliance BENEFITS OF HAVING A BOILER SERVICE cO säfe REGISTER SAVE money REDUCE your fuel bills Could SAVE ENSURE STAY LEGAL on repairs your life insurance validity COMMON BOILER PROBLEMS TREND IN BOILER FAILURES & REPAIRS 135% There were central heating issues at least once for Repairing a broken central heating 86% £277 25% 50% system costs of the people of the people have had to deal with a say their boiler is a very important and even MORE THAN of the British public of the people spoken to, with 9% of these BOILER FAULT at least once in the last 3 years and 14% more than once having the same problem twice or more believe a broken down boiler would be the worst thing to occur over Christmas essential home appliance A problem with their boiler had left... 20 4 out of 10 people surveyed without heating and hot water which had led to on 1 in 6 people had to go without heating for 5 days and while 48% coped by wearing more layers to keep warm a 3 chose to go out and purchase electric heaters 1 in 10 people resorted to moving out in the short term, staying with friends or family until Million UK homes have a boiler and of average a 2 and a half day wait for a boiler repair to be carried out their boiler had been repaired or replaced the 1.5 million boilers sold annually 1.1 million or 75%, are boiler KETTLING BOILER KEEPS PILOT DIATORS replacements SWITCHING LIGHT GOES NOT GETTING ITSELF OFF OUT HOT STRANGE THERMOSTAT NO HEAT BANGING ISSUES OR NO NOISES НOт FROZEN WATER 10 MOST COMMON CONDENSATE PIPE LEAKING BOILER PROBLEMS AND LOSING DRIPPING PRESSURE REFERENCES: belite gas

Keeping the Warmth Alive: Facts on Boiler Efficiency and Servicing

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The central heating system is a very important part of the house. It provides the necessary heat and hot water that are necessities to a full functioning home. Often times, the boiler experience probl...




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