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Investing In Real Estate - What You Should Know

INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW... TOP 5 REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TYPES: DOMESTIC FOREIGN RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL VACATION VACATION RAW LAND 60,000 US FORECLOSURE RATES BY STATE CALIFORNIA = 56,193 (JULY 2011) 45,000 30,000 15,000 California Florida Georgia Michigan Illinois Texas Arizona Nevada Ohio Wisconsin top 10 real estate investment markets 1 Phoenix, AZ I in 273 houses in Foreclosure 6 Oklahoma City, OK I in 924 houses in Foreclosure 2 Las Vegas, NV 7 Orlando, FL 3 Stockton, CA I in 239 houses in Foreclosure 8 Bakersfield, CA 4 Indianapolis, IN 9 Boston, MA 5 Rochester, NY 10 Ft. Lauderdale, FL I in 396 houses in Foreclosure 5 Keys to Investing Success Invest in what Keep your Choose the Be prepared.. Build the right right investment plan... you know... team... eyes open... Have your investment vehicle in place. Having the support and guidance of experts in the field is key to any successful venture. Real Estate, Mortgage, Liens, FOREX or Your own Business. Explore your sphere of influence. Keep Define the Investment type, your eyes open frequency and Most plans take 2-5 for opportunity. weeks to nature. Make your own implement. Then decide: Such as advisors, realtors, tax decisions and trust Often the best deals are the ones YOU create. Real Estate IRA, Solo 401k or Business your own Act quickly and seize the day. attorneys or legal professionals. knowledge. Funding IRA Portfolio Diversification for Successful Investors: Real Equity Estate 50% 50% & cash Bonds 5% bonds 35% stocks 60% Successful Investors diversify with up to 50% Real Estate holdings with Main Street income producing properties. Real Value + Less Risk Conventional wisdom influenced by Wall Street. It lacks a Real Estate component and is fueled by commissions pushing Stocks & Bonds. CASH-ON-CASH RETURN REAL LIFE EXAMPLE 19% Return on Rental Income 9% - 10% Purchased single family property Closing costs were Rehab was a total of $35,000 $2,000 $5,000 $42,000 VS The average yearly Total investment is Return in the last 25 Current market value is $60,000 years on the Stock ------ Market. Average rent in area for this size house: Insurance & taxes $925 $150 $ 95 Here we mean total Property management fee per mo. Monthly Net $680 return - i.e., including dividends. Annual Net $8,160 Cash on Cash Return 19% %3D Simple Steps to Invest in Real Estate Set up a Roll Over Purchase Self Directed Retirement desired IRA Funds Property SOURCES Safeguard Financial Blog INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY: TSAFEGUARD http:/ http:/ 03 average annual-stock-market-return.htm http:/www.magnets4meda.compl-Magnets.aspx?g-STAT&pagenum-1 FINANCIAL ADVISORS

Investing In Real Estate - What You Should Know

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Simple Facts on How To Invest in Real Estate - As an alternative to the Stock Market, Real Estate can provide your retirement plan with monthly income as well as long-term gains through appreciation....


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