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Interior Design 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Home Decorating

Interior Design 101 A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO HOME DECORATING It takes years to be an interior design expert, but you can decorate like a pro with these basic principles! Fundamentals of -INTERIOR DESIGN BALANCE Equal distribution of visual weight in a room Can be symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial Balance a room with heavy objects or multiple light objects that are visually equal Objects that are larger, brighter, highly textured, or complexly shaped are visually heavier HARMONY & UNITY The common style and theme Use color schemes to unify a collection of spaces Create harmony by using a color with varying shades, shapes, sizes, and textures RHYTHM Visual interest through patterns of repetition and contrast Repetition: Create rhythm by using a color throughout the pillows, painting, and rug Progression: A group of candles of varying sizes is an easy way to create rhythm Contrast: Use opposite elements such as Transition: Using an arched doorway or winding path to lead the eye black and white pillows to create rhythm >>> EMPHASIS <<< The main focal point that draws attention Fireplaces and windows make for easy focal points Create a focal point by highlighting a particular piece of furniture or artwork Groupings of furniture, unusual objects, and large objects make for great focal points PROPORTION & SCALE The ratio and size of elements Use larger furniture in larger rooms and vice versa Use plates that have the same shape as the table they're on Leave "white space" in a room to avoid a cluttered look and feel USING COLOR to Impact Emotion Brown nature, strength and comfort Can suppress emotions and reduce stress Orange energy, vitality and optimism Has been known to stimulate appetite Green health of the Has a calming effect & can help relieve stress mind & mental stability Blue trust, calmness and peace Most preferred color by men Shown to improve productivity Purple associated with royalty, wealth and wisdom eere Promotes harmony of the mind and mental stability Red evokes strong emotions, warmth, and passion Can increase activity levels and motivation White purity, innocence, sterility and Great for creating the illusion of space openness Black serious color, gives impression of power or authority Can evoke a negative environment TRENDS to Look Dut For In 2014 Incorporating vintage furniture Adding brass for an elegant look and feel Warm, natural materials with a vintage vibe Colors with bright hues Glossy and polished surfaces Accents on graceful designs with a classical look & feel Floating shelves instead of cabinets Computer-generated prints on fabrics Tribal patterns on textiles Brought to you by Old Plank Road Antiques REFERENCES: portant-interior-design-principles/ Es.html

Interior Design 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Home Decorating

shared by JeffOxford on Feb 19
Itching to redesign your room but don’t know where to start? Antiques on Old Plank Road has come up with a simple yet clever infographic to help you execute your vision and maximize your design opti...


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