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An Infographic Guide to Cohabitation

THE PERILS OF COHABITING WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW WHEN YOU MOVE IN WITH YOUR PARTNER Aww. You found your lobster!* Well, you're pretty certain you have. You can't bear to be apart, and carting an overnight bag between each other's places is becoming a chore. Your toothbrushes look so sweet together. All of that. *lobsters mate for life! According to Phoebe from 'Friends. Let's be realists. Cohabiting can have its fair share of perils, but if you're smart about it and draw up a kind of 'Moving-in prenup' agreement before you embark on this chapter of your lives, then most major arguments and annoyances can be avoided. HAVE A READ THROUGH OUR GUIDE TO MOVING IN TOGETHER - won't somebody please think of the cat?! Section 1 ARE YOU READY? THINGS TO CONSIDER: 1. MAKE SURE you're not moving in together because it just makes financial sense'. 2. SPENDING TIME TOGETHER is a good indicator of how well you will live together. Never been on holiday together? Now's the time. 3. HAVE YOU ALREADY HAD *:( YOUR FIRST ARGUMENT? This can be a peek into what kind of you'll be living with and managing to work through disagreements is vital to a stress-free household. person #1? 4. DISCUSS YOUR FUTURE TOGETHER. Is this a trial run for married life? Are there children on the horizon? Make sure you're both after the same things in life. Section 2 HOW WE LIVE IN THE UK 30, 25 20- 15 10- 5 27.2 MILLION HOUSEHOLDS 19 MILLION FAMILIES 12.9 MILLION families are MARRIED/ CIVIL PARTNERSHIPS 3.9 MILLION (16-64yrs) live ALONE 3.8 MILLION (64yrs+) live ALONE % OF YOUNG PEOPLE STILL LIVING WITH PARENTS (Aged 20-34 years in 2017) 20 32 MALES FEMALES Overall in the UK, there is a growing trend of people living at home for longer (proportionally more males) and also an increase in people 'cohabiting. In face of the advice to not live together purely for financial reasons, finances may play a large part in people chosing to live together. Which brings us to the next section... Section 3 FINANCES 1st Be HONEST FIRST RULE OF about your financial status and history! COHABITING In a poll carried out by the charity Relate: 26% OF UK COUPLES CITED MONEY WORRIES TO BE THE BIGGEST STRAIN ON THEIR RELATIONSHIP. WORK TOGETHER BUT KEEP YOUR FINANCES SEPARATE DON'T.. COMBINE CREDIT COMBINE BANK ACCOUNTS COMBINE INVESTMENTS Shared finances can be a major headache in the case of a breakup - plus a bad move financially on your ex's part could affect your credit rating! DO. DRAFT A 'COHABITATION PRENUP': List each partner's financial assets / liabilities List weekly, monthly or annual costs and how they are to be split • Document major purchases (car, TV, appliances etc) and how much each person paid towards them A prenup' may seem a little over the top, but it is good to know where everyone stands financially if the worse case scenario happens, and you part ways. THINGS TO DISCUSS: 1. Consider where SAVINGS can be made day-to-day. Shop around for good deals on utilities and other bills. Plan food shopping, cook in batches and freeze. Cut down on takeaways. Keep an eye on spending using a spreadsheet or app, and regularly checking your account balance. 2. How to DIVIDE financial responsibilities (Rent/Mortgage, utilities, insurance, food, transport). If you both earn a similar wage, 50/50 then consider paying half of everything. If one of you earns more, consider maybe paying a percentage of your wages towards shared bills? 3. DEBT. Work together to tackle it - it will benefit you both in the long run. If you need help with debt, seek advice from one of the .r. fol ving: Section 4 РЕТ РЕEVES So, you've never lived together before. Well, the truth of the matter is you might just annoy each other a teeny weeny bit! You love HIM. but how are his He always pays for meals out... cooking skills? HE always smells lovely but about that week old pile of underwear at home? and has nice hair.. SHE always looks fantastic... but how much room is all her stuff going to take up? HAIR STUFF NICE SMELL FANCY CREAM I love Puggles like he but what if SHE loves was my own... him more than me?! I WUV YOUUU TOP 3 PET PEEVES IN COUPLES WHAT WOMEN HATE: WHAT MEN HATE: Zzz 1. SNORING 1. SNORING 2. LEAVING CLOTHES 2. TAKING AGES TO GET READY ON THE FLOOR 3. LEAVING THE TOILET SEAT UP 3. LEAVING ALL THE LIGHTS ON DON'T SWEAT IT! There will inevitably be times when you clash over things - here's how to approach these awkward moments without door slamming or crying (or a year's worth of passive aggressive non-dish washing and post-it notes). Communication. ...IT JUST Соommunication. ΑΝΝΟΥΕD Соmmunication! ME A BIT.. A quick mention of the upset at the very beginning can sometimes nip it in the bud there and then. I'M SO SORRY, IDN'T REALISE! "HEY..HАHА.. Approach the subject in a jokey manner first to see if THAT TOILET ROLL TUBE CASTLE YOU'RE BUILDING ON TOP OF THE they get the hint... CISTERN LOOKS SUPER COOL.." LET'S TALK OVER Suggest having a meal out away from the house* in a neutral setting, and calmly approach the subject. In the safety of a public place... DINNER. GOOD IDEA. *scene of the crime ΤΥΡICAL ΤΥΡICAL "FEMALE 'MALE' JOBS JOBS Throw gender stereotypes out of the window when it comes to household chores. WHAT IF THERE'S A 'CHORE STALEMATE? If you both honestly despise cleaning the bathroom, consider the possibility of hiring a cleaner. Section 5 STILL READY? Well, if you can still bear to look at one another after all of that (jokes...) that's great! GET SIGNING THAT PRENUP! Now, if you can just agree on where you're going to live... Brought to you by: wwW.BINGHAMSELFSTORAGE.CO.UK Sources: Million

An Infographic Guide to Cohabitation

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If you and your significant other have decided to move in together...back out now! Before it's too late!! Jokes aside, this is a really exciting time but it doesn't matter if you're lovers, best mates...


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