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Improve Your Home Security on a Budget

23 %23 Improve Your HOME SECURITY %23 # on a Budget E WARNING CCTV Use SECURITY SIGNS Even if you don't have CCTV installed at your home, it doesn't mean you can't have stickers or signs up claiming you do in order to deter potential thieves. Purchase MOTION DETECTORS A cheaper alternative to cameras, motion detectors can alert you to any unexpected movements in your home and even update you via mobile apps. Install FAKE CAMERAS If home surveillance is out of your price range, why not consider fake cameras? Strategically placed replicas can ward off potential intruders. Use LIGHTS EFFECTIVELY Most burglars prefer to act in the dark, so why not install motion sensing lights outside your house? Another great trick is to buy a light switch timer which will turn your inside lights on at set intervals. Make it look like someone's home even if you're not. Get a GUARD DOG Not only are they a friendly family companion, but guard dogs have a great natural instinct for protecting your home. They have superior hearing and are quick to alert you to any footsteps in the front or back garden. BEWARE OF THE DOG! No-one wants to be bitten by a scary dog, so a sign will make people think twice about approaching your home - even if you don't have a dog! PROTECT Your IDENTITY ******* GO Most people don't realise that burglers can steal your personal information from your home computer. Always use effective, secure passcodes on any technological device. SHUT & LOCK All of Your WINDOWS & DOORS This sounds obvious, but lots of people forget! Make sure you always close and lock your house whenever you're staying in or staying out. CUT BACK SHRUBBERY Overgrown trees, bushes and plants gives a potential thief less chance of being seen, so keep your garden maintained and neat. EMPTY Your LETTERBOX If you're away then the letters in your letterbox can start to mount up. Ask a friend or family member to remove them as this is a telltale sign that no-one has been home for a while. TOTES EXCITED BOUT GOIN ON HOLZ. LOL. DON'T ADVERTISE POST As tempting as it is to make everyone you know jealous, letting the whole world know you're on holiday by updating social media statuses alerts people that your home is unoccupied. Install WINDOW STOPS These prevent windows from being opened more than six inches. Not only is this great for security but it's great for ventilation, too. SOURCES: MINGHAM SELF STORAGE

Improve Your Home Security on a Budget

shared by BoomOnline on May 27
Many people would like to improve the standard of security in their home. Unfortunately, this will often cost a lot of money. However, it doesn't always have to be this way. There are plenty of thin...



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