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The Importance of Home Safety Equipment

A man's home is his castle The Importance of Home Safety Equipment Protecting your castle is a full time jobl The importance of home safety and safety equipment CANNOT be understated. There any many possibilities in your home for accidents to occur and it is up to you to prevent these from happening. Follow this guide to help you make a few small changes around the house that can make a big different in terms of your and your family's health and safety. Bathroom: Install no slip strips on the Attic: Install a smoke alarm in the attic Attic: Create a walkway with boards or % inch plywood sheets across base of the bathtub and a the ceiling joists Bedrooms: In sturdy hand rail to prevent falling. children's bedrooms keep nightlights away from drapes and fabrics as they could overheat. Opt for 'cool nightlights. Bathroom: Avoid having electrical outlets in the bathroom, if there are outlets Living Area: Have heating equipment and chimneys cleaned and inspected by professionals regularly. protect them with ground-fault circuit interrupters (installed by professionals) Kitchen: Ensure there is Garage/Garden: Make sure you have all the relevant a fully stocked equipment for DIY/Gardening projects such as correct safety googles, gloves, hard hats etc. First Aid Kit Kltchen: Throw away any appliances where the wire is frayed or damaged Basement: Ensure the basement is Stairways: Ensure that a secure handrail is present on all steps and stairways well lit All Over: Put a child proof lock on All Over: Test alarms Steps should All Over: Install carbon monoxide and smoke alarms on every level of your home and outside each bedroom All Over: Ensure the correct Stairways: Basement: Store all flammable materials away from sources of wattage of light bulb is being used for the any cabinets or drawers where monthly by hifting not be over 7 the 'test' button, replace batteries ½ inches high medical supplies or harmful cleaning chemicals are heat like the dryer. once a year or appropriate task. when required. stored. Fire Extinguishers •At least one per floor is required • The garage and the kitchen are the 2 more likely locations where a fire could start •Ensure you know how to operate the extinguisher •Check the extinguisher is functioning properly. •Make sure you have the right type of extinguisher for each area of the house e.g. Grease fires are different from electrical INSTRUCTIONS How to 'burglar-proof' your home When leaving the house close all windows big and small Don't leave valuables in places where they are visible through the window. Ensure all locks are functioning properly on doors and windows Don't cut more keys than necessary Don't leave obvious signs your home is vacant e.g. closed curtains during the daytime Don't leave loose cash or bank cards lying around the house Put lights on timers to come on when no one is home to make it look like someone is inside Install an alarm system Join your local neighbourhood watch Gas Leaks Dos and Don'ts If you smell gas and/or are having difficulty breathing leave the house Don't do anything to trigger an explosion- put out all candles, cigarettes, flames and appliances as even an electrical current could act as immediately and get out into the fresh air. a trigger If you live in an apartment or close to other homes alert your neighbours X Don't assume somebody else will call to report a smell of gas. Call 911 and your Gas Company to report the leak Emergency Numbers to Have Fire Water Poison Gas Station Company Control Company GAS References: MR Home Inspection Services Inc.

The Importance of Home Safety Equipment

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This info graphic, titled ‘A man’s home is his castle’ focuses on the importance of home safety equipment. This info graphic explains how home safety is so important but an often over looked task.


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