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How To Zombie Proof Your House

HOW TO ZOMBIE PRoer PROOF YOUR HOUSE Escape Tunnel Have an escape tunnel leading to a location with plenty of supplies and a getaway car 3/4 inch steel plates Replace all your windows and doors ARSENAL Black Curtains Black out your home so the with these plates to keep the zombie horde out zombies cannot see any lights, showing signs of life Trench 100 yards from your home, dig a 15ft deep trench, the zombies will fall and wont be Fire Extinguisher Freeze a zombie to stop them dead in their tracks Flood lights Light up every side of your house to see which direction able to get out Explosives Rig your whole house to detonate in the event that your house is overrun Security Cameras the attack is Located on each side of coming trom your home to monitor the situation from the safety of your living room 10 ft chain link fence 200 yards away from your house, erect a chain link Land mines ARSENAL Outside the fence place landmines as your first line of defence fence encircling your property, topped with razor wire IN CASE OF EMERGENCY A Lasso Bring out the cowboy in you and round up a zombie. Make sure you avoid its teeth though when tying it up Pool Cues Inspired by Shaun of the Dead, attacking a zombie with a number of pool cues Always have an emergency kit in your house, Includes: Bag of Marbles Food (Non perishable items) Boxing Glove Bazooka To knock a zombie off its feet, this gun will Throw these at the feat of a zombie horde and enjoy the carnage that follows Water( Any medication will slow it down, but do the trick you could be there for a while Flash light Keep some spare batteries handy as you will need a flash light if being chased in the dark Walkie Talkies To keep in contact Tools and Sanitation and Clothing and Bedding (a change of clothes for each family with your fellow comrades of course Supplies (Utility knife, duct tape, battery powered radio) Hygiene (household bleach, soap, towels, wet-wipes) Plunger Gun If a zombie has a plunger stuck over its face, it can't bite you member and blankets) First Aid Supplies (Items to treat basic cuts and lacerations Important Documents (Drivers License, Passport. Birth Certificate etc) Robotic Sheep Send this robotic Jet Pack If you need to leave your home fast, then a jet pack will fly you out of danger faster than you can say ZOMBIE! sheep in the opposite direction, to use as a distraction to make your getaway NOYE: NO KNOVWN CURE FOR ZOMBIE INFECTION) MoneySupermarket com

How To Zombie Proof Your House

shared by Moneysupermarket on Oct 16
In the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, house insurance alone won't keep your home protected. We look at what you might need to keep the undead hoard at bay...


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