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How To Winterize Your Home Inexpensively

SHAKE OFF THE WINTER CHILL How to keep your home warm this season THE AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD SPENDS MORE THAN $2,200 a year on energy bills Winter is coming, and that means rising electric bills. Keep both your home and your wallet cozy with these tips. HERE ARE SOME WAYS TO KEEP ENERGY BILLS LOW AT EVERY PRICE POINT 10 No-Cost Ways to Save 1. Reverse your ceiling fan to a clockwise direction Pushes warm air down from the ceiling 3.Let sunlight in during the day by opening your curtains, but close curtains at night to keep the cold out 2. If you have a radiator, place tin foil behind it to deflect the warm air outward instead of upward 5. Roll up a towel and place it at the bottom of doors and windows 4. Move furniture away from vents so heat can circulate throughout the room 6. Leave your oven open after baking to utilize the heat 7. Close doors to rooms you are in to keep them warm, or close doors to unused rooms 8. Close vents in unused rooms 9. Turn thermostat to 68° during the day and lower at night when you go to sleep 10. Clean out your gutters + 68 - to prevent icicles from forming "The Federal Department of Energy estimates turning a thermostat back 10 to 15 degrees for eight hours can trim as much as 15 percent off heating bills" Low-Cost Ways to Save: $5 Weatherstrip your windows $10 Replace your air filters - The fan Filter isn't working as hard, so $10-$15 Seal your doors - Prevents air from escaping Seals gaps and prevents air from escaping it keeps energy costs down - Extends the life of your HVAC unit $20-$25 Caulk your windows shut $25 Install fiberglass insulation $25-$30 Insulate window panes Seals gaps (same as weatherstripping) -Prevents warm air from escaping and keeps the cold air outside IIII||| IIII||| TIT|||| 68 $25-$30 Use insulation blanket on hot-water heater $35 AND UP Get a programmable thermostat $55 Get a chimney balloon -Automatically programs itself to -Stops chimney drafts to keeps -Just like your walls, it helps to keep heat from escaping save money cold air out Mo-Cost Ways to Save: $150 Home energy audit A professional will inspect your home and inform you of ways to improve your home's energy efficiency, as well as inspect that your furnace, etc., are working at 100%" $200 Energy monitor Projects your monthly bills by measuring your energy use $250 Cleaning and maintenance on air ducts Keeps everything running smoothly $250 Heated ceiling fan A ceiling fan that heats the room $250-$350 Install storm doors Provides extra insulation $350 AND UP Electric fireplace Provides heat $1,000 AND UP New furnace (replace after 15 years) Keeps energy efficiency up $2.500 Re-insulate your home (average home size of 2,500 sq ft.) Again, keeps up with energy efficiency WINTER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER, so get your home ready before Jack Frost comes to visit! SOURCES LIVINGDIRECT Smarter Shopping. Better Living. g-warm-this-winter-without-huge-energy-bills/ DEVELOPED BY NOWSOURCING

How To Winterize Your Home Inexpensively

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Winterizing doesn't have to be expensive. Learn some budget-friendly winterizing tips from this infographic.


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