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How To Use Sound to Humanely Rid Your Home of Pests

Curbing the Costs of Common Pests How to use Sound to Humanely Rid Your Home of Pests How Ultrasonic Animal Repellents Work BIRDS How much does pigeon cleanup cost? Ultrasonic sound is any sound with a frequency above human hearing range-in other words, any noise too high-pitched for humans to detect. $35,000 in labor 56,000 gallons of water 3,120 kwh electricity 20 kHz 29 kHz 30 kHz 70 kHz 120 kHz Annual cleaning costs for a business with a 500ft sidewalk. How to scare me off Experiments show that bursts of 22 kHz ultrasound can consistently irritate pigeons, pushing them to leave the area. Different species have different abilities for detecting ultrasonic sounds. BATS AND RODENTS DEER What are the risks of bat and rodent waste? How many calories does a large buck need every day? 500,000 exposures 5,000 annual hospitalizations 800 annual deaths 11 big macs 57 bananas Over 40 Ibs of foliage Annual scale of histoplasmosis, spread via bat droppings. Every day, bucks need to consume 6,000 calories. That's a lot of garden. How to scare me off How to scare me off One ultrasonic deer repellent device can clear up to 4,000 Prey animals like mice and rats use ultrasonic distress calls to indicate danger, and the bursts cause them to flee the area. square feet. BIRD-X Sources: lor.html projects/Dominica% 20 Projects%20 pd f%20copy/Moore_group.pdf 200.php

How To Use Sound to Humanely Rid Your Home of Pests

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Learn about ways to humanely get rid of pests and protect your home. This green way of protecting your house from pests is a great green way to reduce costs and possible damage to your home that pests...




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