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How To Protect Yourself From A Lawless America

HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF FROM A LAWLESS AMERICA HOME BREAK-IN STATISTICS According to the FBI, home break-ins are the most Number of home assaults that Number of home are the result of burglary 2.5M intrusions in the A 1:3 common threat to one's home US every year Frequency of home burglaries I Every ' Second 7% of all burglaries involve a violent crime 66% of burglaries are home break-ins 85% I 28% 95% 13% of break-ins are committed by non-professionals of burglaries between 2003 and 2007 occurred with a of home intrusions require force to break in of reported burglaries are solved by the police family member at home WHEN DO BREAK-INS OCCUR? HOW ARE HOMES TARGETED? BURGLARS LOOK FOR Usually in the day time, when occupants Unoccupied homes with easy access are at work 2. A large amount of cover The most break-ins: The fewest break-ins: JULY & AUGUST FEBRUARY 3. Good escape routes Open windows visible from the street 5 Poor lighting BURGLARS AVOID HOMES WHICH Appear to have sophisticated burglar alarms Access is too difficult or requires unusual tools COMMON ENTRY POINTS TYPES OF SECURITY SYSTEMS SLIDING DOORS KICKING IN THE DOOR WINDOWS Are vulnerable as they are often secured only by latches ALARM SCREEN The lock strike plate is usually the weakest point Are frequently left unlocked Covers windows and sounds the alarm if broken 2. SECURITY SYSTEM STATISTICS of US homes have a home security 17% system FIRE ALARM Smoke and heat detectors alert you and the fire department 3. Homes without security systems are 300% more likely to experience a break-in Some insurance companies offer a 20% discount on car insurance PATROL RESPONSE for households with home Priority response by emergency services and patrol vehicles security systems Burglar alarms increase the likelihood of a burglar being caught HOW TO INSTALL HOME SECURITY CAMERAS VIDEO SURVEILLANCE A good location for cameras is the overhang where the roof meets the walls Remotely monitor the interior and exterior of the home Protects the camera from the elements 8 Good view point Access to cables 5. • Use industry standard cable: RG59 Siamese Cable • Find a location for the DVR and monitor, and HOME MONITORING connect cables to the DVR • Run cables from cameras to a central point • Use a power supply box to power all the cameras Notifies necessary services immediately if the alarm sounds A WHAT TO DO IN A BURGLARY IF YOU HEAR AN INTRUDER OUTSIDE 911 Woof! Woof! Act immediately and turn on the lights Make a noise, which may Grab the phone and call the police scare the intruder away IF THE INTRUDER IS INSIDE Lock/barricade the Stay in your locked room until the police declare your home safe - ask them to check your attic and basement as well Find something to use as a weapon in Open your window to create an escape door of the room you're in and call the police case of an emergency route IF THE INTRUDER IS IN THE SAME ROOM Z.. .. I'm sleeping !! Z.. If the intruder is in your room, pretend to be asleep Be especially careful if the intruder is armed - avoid getting into a fight, as you may be harmed However, if the intruder approaches you directly to harm you, throw objects at him and be prepared to fight if necessary to protect yourself SAFETY TIPS DOOR WINDOWS Change locks when moving into a new house or apartment Install secondary locking devices for A Keep outside doors locked NEW windows Use a solid-core or Do not leave windows open wide enough to allow a burglar to reach in metal door at entrances Upgrade to a heavy-duty strike plate in outer doors 1 Have a heavy-duty deadbolt Have a peephole with a wide angle Insert a wooden dowel stick BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR into sliding door runners to prevent movement Know who your neighbors are LIGHTING oo Keep an eye on each other's property Keep neighbor's home looking occupied (water plants, collect the newspaper, put out trash) Use interior and exterior Have lights on a timer lighting when away from home Keep photographs of valuables and engrave identifying information on electronics for easy identification If you see suspicious people in your neighborhood, call 911 NAI SOURCES NORTH AMERICAN INVESTIGATIONS

How To Protect Yourself From A Lawless America

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In America, home break ins and burglaries are all too common. In an ideal world, break ins would not exist and one would not have to worry about their security and personal possessions being stolen. U...


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