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How To Prevent Home Heat Loss

HOME HEAT LOSS: "KEEP WOOD IN T'HOLE!" THE WHAT I HEAR SOME OF YOU SAY? For those of you less familiar with old-hat northern English expressions, this saying is used when someone leaves a door open and lets in cold air to a warm room. With that in mind, this infographic provides an overview of the most common sources of heat loss in the home, along with recommended improvements, so you can be ready to keep those rooms nice and cosy this winter, while saving energy and money. UNINSULATED AREAS THAT LOSE HEAT THE AVERAGE UK HOUSE SPENDS £1230 ON ENERGY EACH YEAR, UP TO 50% OF WHICH COULD BE SAVED THROUGH BETTER ENERGY SAVING MEASURES. ROOF WALLS WINDOWS 25% 35% 10% DOORS & FLOORING OTHER DRAFTS 10% 15% 5% HEAT LOSS HOME IMPROVEMENTS There are many simple yet effective ways to insulate your home, which can significantly reduce heat loss whilst lowering your heating bills. ROOF - SAVE UP TO £240 Heat rises, and in an uninsulated home, a quarter of heat is lost through the roof! Installing insulation Upgrading your roof insulation from 120mm to 270mm saves £15-£25 Carbon footprint reduction 550-990kg Co, per year per year. If all UK homes had 270mm of roof insulation, it would save the can save £200-£240 per year country a total of £520 million! WALLS - SAVE UP TO £275 About a third of all heat loss in an uninsulated home escapes through the walls, either through cavity walls or solid walls. Adding internal or external wall insulation Carbon Adding cavity wall insulation Carbon footprint reduction footprint reduction by 380-1,900kg co, per year 380-1,100kg CO, can save can save £145-£455 £90-£275 per year per year per year (typically pre-1920's) (typically 1920's onwards) VENTILATION & DRAFTS - 27% OF HEAT LOSS Draught-proofing is one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to save energy. To draught-proof your home, block up unwanted gaps. Saving warm air means you'll use less energy to heat your home, so you'll save money as well as making your home snug and pleasant. For example; in the hallway, 27% of heat loss is through your letterbox alone! This can be reduced dramatically by fitting a draft excluder. WINDOWS - SAVE UP TO £275 Energy-efficient glazing keeps your home warmer and quieter as well as reducing your energy bills. Installing double glazing in a single glazed home saves £40-£160 This could be triple-glazing, secondary glazing, or just heavier curtains. per year "depending on the sire of your home FLOOR - SAVE UP TO £95 Insulating under the floor boards on the ground floor and sealing the gaps between floors and skirting boards will reduce draughts too. Floor insulation can often be completed as a DIY project Depending on the type of floor you have, floor insulation can save £30-£95 per year, reducing your carbon footprint by 120-380kg CO,. Cost of installation is typically £300-£2,200. TIcast Sources: http://www2.peterborough.goxuk/environment/climate changeama resident/heat loss and insulation.aspx http://www.nigelsecostore.comvacatalog/Typical Heat Loss in the Home.html VoVFgvk74u0 fire PLACES

How To Prevent Home Heat Loss

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The weather is getting harsher, with a coldness in the air and with energy prices on the rise, now is the time to find out how you can save money by insulation your home this winter.


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