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How Much Heat Do You Actually Need?

BestHeating WHAT IS A BTU? The output of a radiator is generally measured in British Thermal Units (BTU.s) per hour. (3000 BTU is roughly equivalent to a 1 kilowatt bar heater). ROOM TEMPERATURES How warm should your room be? It is generally considered that the below figures are an average indicator: 68'F 20°C 70°F 21°C BEDROOMS BATHROOM 65°F 18°C LIVING DINING KITCHEN HALLWAYS ROOM & WC'S 70-72°F 321-22°C 68°F 20°C 2 HOW MUCH HEAT IS REQUIRED? HERE'S A CHART TO ALLOW YOU TO ESTIMATE THE BTU'S NEEDED FOR YOUR ROOM: TO REACH 65°F / 18°C TO REACH 70°F / 20C ROOM SIZE (IN METRES) (BTU'S/HR) (BTU'S / HR) 2.4 X 2.4 3500 4100 3X2.4 4100 4800 3.6 X 3 5500 6400 4.3 X 3.6 6150 7200 4.8 X 3.6 7700 8900 5.4 X 3 7450 8600 5.4 X 3.6 8450 9800 5.4 X 4.2 9450 11000 6.1X 3.6 9075 10550 6.1X 4.2 10200 11860 6.1X 5.4 12300 14200 However there are a number of other factors come into it. This is all based on a house with 230mm solid brick walls, 2.4m high ceilings, 100mm loft insulation, each room having one external wall and average size windows. The below will help you adjust the values you get by subtracting percentages from the total: FOR SOLID FLOOR SUBTRACT 10% FOR UNINSULATED CAVITY WALLS SUBTRACT 10% FOR FOAM-FILLED CAVITY WALLS SUBTRACT 20% FOR UPSTAIRS BEDROOMS SUBTRACT 25% FOR DOUBLE GLAZING SUBTRACT 5% We provide a BTU radiator to take the pain out of deciding on what radiator you need for what room. It is a three step process, just put in the room dimensions any other factors and it does the calculation for you. CHECK IT OUT TODAY AT HTTP://WWW.BESTHEATING.COM/BTU-CALCULATOR Source:

How Much Heat Do You Actually Need?

shared by BestHeatingUK on Nov 28
What is BTU? Why Do You Even Need to Know About it? Check out our fun infographic about how it can help you decide on what radiator will suit which room. Our BTU Calculator could also prove useful to ...



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