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How Much Air is Lost From Where?

HOW MUCH AIR IS LOST FROM WHERE? 6 UNEXPECTED PLACES WHERE MONEY IS ESCAPING FROM YOUR HOME WINDOWS & ENTRY WAYS New, energy efficient windows and durable doors are an excellent option for trapping in air, but a cheaper solution is to consult an energy auditor for tips on how to seal your windows and doors. Weather-stripping may be your best bet! 21% CEILINGS, WALLS & FLOORS 31% Air can escape through recessed lighting, dropped soffits, duct registers, and other unnoticeable holes. Have an energy auditor find the exact location of leaks, run tests to see if you have proper insulation and educate you on how to solve the problem. FIREPLACE & CHIMNEY 14% Warm air will float up and out of the house through open chimney chases and dampers. Have an auditor make sure all openings have been closed and sealed properly. FANS, VENTS & DUCTS Make sure holes around pipes, ducts, vents and fans are completely sealed, especially in hard to reach places like in your attic. 19% PLUMBING Holes created for pipes and utilities are often in hard-to-get-to places, like buried under attic insulation. Have a professional identify spots around plumbing fixtures that could potentially cause air to escape. 13% ELECTRICAL OUTLETS Although they look harmless and well sealed, air can actually seep through sockets. One solution is to install foam gaskets on outlets, but ask your electrician for more tips on how to prevent air from sneaking through these openings. 2% le::: SOURCES • • http://energy-gov/articles/energy-saver-101-infographic-home-energy-audits • http://www.slidesharenet/thaOy3whja/homeowners-should-consider-looking-at-methods-for-minimising-warmth-loss-in-their-property?from_search-1 •

How Much Air is Lost From Where?

shared by NinaHaglund on Jan 13
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An infographic for homeowners to evaluate where air is escaping their home.


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