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How To Make Your Roses Last

AvasFlowers Better Flowvers Lower Prices CARE INSTRUCTIONS FOR ROSE ARRANGEMENTS How to Make YOUR ROSES LAST UNWRAP, your Bouquet! Add WATER Cut the straps fastening your bouquet and remove it from the floral gift box. Carefully peel away the protective lining and plastic cover from your arrangement, taking care not to bruise the buds of greenery. Fill a vase with lukewarm water and add the floral preservative included with your roses. Stir the solution until the floral preservative is completely dissolved. Set the vase aside. Prep the HOWERS Cut THE STEMS Before placing your arrangement in water, you must prep the flowers. First, remove the outside guard petals. These rugged outer petals were left on to protect the roses during shipment. Next, remove any leaves that will rest below the waterline when placed in the vase; will prevent bacteria from forming and will prolong the life of your flowers. Using a sharp knife or scissors, cut 1 inch off the bottom of the stems at an angle under running water. This will create a larger surface area through which the flower will absorb water. Cutting the stems under water will prevent air bubbles from being absorbed and then trapped in the stem, which will deter water intake. Slome Uselul Tips HOw 1O PROLONG THE LIFE OF YOUR BOUQUET ce Enjoy YOOR BOUQUET! * Three days after receiving your flowers, recut the stems and change the water in the Place your farm-fresh, premium roses in the vase of room temperature water. Make sure to display your bouquet away from direct ventilation. Placing the flowers in a cool space away from heat or drafts will help the flowers to last longer, while humidity and direct sunlight will cause your flowers to bloom faster. vase. * Cut the stems before replacing To prolong the life them back in the of your roses, make sure to always change the water if it the water line. becomes cloudy or grimy. vase, and remove any that will fall below *If the water changes colors, this means bacteria is growing and will cause the flowers to wilt faster. * Use a vase large enough that the flowers have room to * Keep your roses away from fruit, which gives off a chemical that can wilt your roses! Remove dead roses as soon as you breathe. see them.

How To Make Your Roses Last

shared by Michaelson on Jun 04
This infographic gives you a quick overview about how to take care of rose arrangements. Just follow the simple steps below to make your roses last longer!




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