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How to Heal Your Home After a Hailstorm

STEPS TO TAKE AFTER A HAILSTORM A Homeowner's Guide HOW DOES HAIL HARM YOUR HOME? Shortens the life of shingles by a decade or more Causes moisture damage such as leaks in your roof Creates holes in or breaks shingles Creates water stains on your ceiling Causes granual loss on shingles Can lead to mold growth IS YOUR HOME AT RISK? Colorado's Front Range receives the highest frequency of large hail in North America $75 MILLION« Amount of damage to be expected each year in Colorado due to it's annual catastrophic hailstorms Hailstones in Colorado range from 1 inch to 4.5 inches in diameter. Hail of this size not only has the ability to damage older roofs but may also cause serious bodily harm to people and animals. WHAT TO DO IF YOU SUSPECT HAIL DAMAGE A Step-by-Step Guide 1 ASSESS THE DAMAGE CHECK FOR DENTS CHECK FOR GRANUALS CHECK FOR MOISTURE on gutters, siding, and shingles water stains & leaks on ceilings shingle granuals may buildup around downspouts 2 CALL METRO FOR A ROOF INSPECTION CALL FOR A FREE ROOF INSPECTION AND ESTIMATE Getting on the roof yourself can be dangerous. Metro Construction offers a free, no obligation roof inspection and estimate. We'll carefully check your roof for hail and other damage and work directly with your insurance company. 3 FILE YOUR INSURANCE CLAIM DON'T WAIT TOO LONG DOCUMENT THE DAMAGE FILE YOUR CLAIM call to file your claim shortly after the storm take photos of damage and hailstones if possible contact your insurer -OR- provide Metro with your provider's information, and we'll file for you Let Metro Help You If you're worried about hail or wind damage, give us a call today 877.WOW.METRO Our Sources • • • •

How to Heal Your Home After a Hailstorm

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Tips on how to repair your roof after hail has hit, from Metro Construction, one of the top Colorado roofing contractors.



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