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How To Fire Proof Your Home

HOW TO FIRE PROOF YOUR HOME (O) INSTALL SMOKE ALARMS This goes without saying. A smoke (or fire) alarm will help alert you to any danger in a short period of time. Remember to check alarm batteries every couple of months and replace any batteries that sound weak. USE FIRE RESISTANT FLOORING Wooden flooring and fire-resistant carpets are a great choice to prevent a fire spreading quickly. Wool and synthetic carpets will burn and fire will spread quickly, and if you have any rugs they should be treated with a high quality fireproof chemical. BE CANDLE-CAUTIOUS Candles create a lovely atmosphere and can scent a home beautifully, but they can be a real hazard when left unattended. If leaving a room – even for a brief period of time - always extinguish a candle, especially when you have pets or children. It can be a good idea to swap candles for infused bamboo. KEEP PETS SAFE If you have new or young pets, make sure you never leave them alone in a room where they could play with – or even urinate on – electrical goods. CHECK THE FIREPLACE Whether you have a gas or open fireplace, you should make sure to inspect and clean it on a regular basis. Check that logs are positioned effectively, unclog burner holes and check for cracks if you have glass doors HELLO TIDY UP CLUTTER! Old papers, clothes, toys and more can easily be accumulated in a home. However, these are all flammable materials, and it only takes the tiniest of sparks to ignite a blaze. CLICK TURN OFF ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES When you aren't using electrical appliances, you should switch them off at the wall. This will help prevent fires and save you money on your electricity bills! ELECTRICAL CORD CHECKUPS When using an electrical device, always be sure to check that the cord is in good condition – and replace it if not. Also be careful not to overload any circuits, you never want too many plugs going into one place. BE WARY WHEN SMOKING If you smoke in your house, you should always be careful not to smoke sitting or lying down, and to ensure that your cigarette or cigar is properly stubbed out in an ash tray and that no embers remain; splashing with water can help with this, but the best thing to do is to make sure you only smoke outside. BE CAREFUL WHEN COOKING Never leave a pan unattended! If you need to go out of the room to grab something, simply turn off the burners. If you think a few seconds won't matter – why not just turn the pots and pans off for those few seconds? Risk-free, great food. BUY FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Fire extinguishers may look ugly, but they can be the difference between a blaze erupting and a fire being put out early. Keep a fire extinguisher in an easy-to-access place both upstairs and downstairs in your property. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: CLIMA DOOR www.CLIMADOOR.CO.UK SUPERIOR QUALITY - REALISTIC PRICES Sources: home-for-summer/ .htm

How To Fire Proof Your Home

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Renovating and decorating your home is one thing, but protecting it is a whole different ball game. Fires are something that a lot of people think would only happen to other people and don’t prepar...




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