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How Do Housing Conditions Compare Around The World?

Home Living ШП Conditions Around the World Living conditions around the world are far from equal, with housing, salaries and poverty playing a big part. How does your country weigh up against the rest? AVERAGE FLOOR SPACE IN NEW HOMES Germany Netherlands =109.2m? =115.5m? New Zealand Australia =176m? =206m? UK =76m? Italy =82m² USA =203m? Ireland France Denmark =87.7m? =113m =137m? "55% of new English homes The average newly built had less floor space than house in the US is over the London Housing Design Guide's internal 260% bigger than those in the UK, with houses in space standard." Australia even bigger than that! University of Cambridge Living in small or crowded accommodation can cause anxiety, stress, depression and even physical illnesses such as asthma. It can also cause relationships to break down due to the inability or unwillingness to entertain guests. AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD SIZE Germany (2) UK Italy (2.5) France (2.3) (2.6) Spain (2.8) USA Australia Brazil (2.6) (2.7) (3.3) India Palestine (5.3) (5.8) AVERAGE DISPOSABLE INCOME Thousands of Dollars 50 Switzerland $48,414 ....................... USA $45.582 Australia $42.617 40 UK $30,064 30 Germany $28,636 France $22,718 Spain $22,866 Italy $21,096 20 – Disposable income is worked by subtracting compulsory deductions, such as taxes, from the national average wage. Countries like India and Pakistan earn less money per year than the amount people pay in tax in richer nations. % OF POPULATION IN POVERTY* Netherlands 9.1% UK 16.2% Germany 15.5% France 7.9% Italy 29,9% USA 15.1% China 6.1% Chad 80% India 29.8% Mexico 52.3% Kenya 43.4% Australia Brazil 21.4% 13.9% 0-10% 11-20% 21-30% +31% *Defined as "living below the poverty line" by the CIA The definition of poverty can vary by country. For example, richer nations generally employ more generous standards of poverty than poor nations. POPULATION DENSITY IN THE WORLD'S BUSIEST CITIES population per square mile 112,700 ppsm 104,300 ppsm 83,900 ppsm 68,400 ppsm 120k 60k - Ok - DHAKA, HYDERABAD, MUMBAI, HONG KONG, Bangladesh Pakistan India China .AND IN THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS CAPITAL CITIES population per square mile 14,600 ppsm 9,500 ppsm 9,100 ppsm 8,300 ppsm 120k – 60k YELY Ok LONDON, PARIS, ROME, AMSTERDAM, UK France Italy Netherlands 7,800 ppsm 5,200 ppsm 3,500 ppsm 2,100 ppsm 120k 60k - Joant Ok BERLIN, WELLINGTON, WASHINGTON, CANBERRA, Germany New Zealand USA Australia HOUSE SIZE VS HOUSEHOLD SIZE HOUSE HOUSE SIZE SIZE HOUSEHOLD SIZE HOUSEHOLD SIZE In richer nations of the world, In poorer nations of the world, there is a correlation between the correlation is very much the house size and household (the opposite. Despite having smaller amount of people living in a homes than richer nations (exact house) size. Where houses are sizes unknown) there is a strong smaller, household sizes seem link between household size and to follow suit, such as in the UK, poverty. India, on average, has Italy and Germany. Where over 5.3 people living in each houses are bigger, such as the household, and is the nation with US and Australia, they generally the largest number of people have more people living under living in poverty – over 400 one roof. million to be exact. Sources: CLIMA DOOR | | | | | | Шт

How Do Housing Conditions Compare Around The World?

shared by RFox91 on May 20
Living conditions vary massively, wherever you live in the world. The UK is one of the most advanced countries in the world, yet new houses are just over a third of the size of those in the USA, so h...





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