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How Color Affects Your Baby's Mood

HOW COLOR AFFECTS YOUR BABY COLD WARM VELLOW Cool shades evoke thoughts of big skies & ocean waves & can make your child's room feel spacious & relaxing. These are a good choice for sleep spaces due to their calming effect on the body & mind. Cool colors can make a room feel Warm colors make people feel happy & comfortable. Colors like red, orange, & yellow can have an SECONDARY energizing effect on the body & can stimulate the mind. Use warm colors in play areas & as accent colors in the nursery, but go easy with them in the crib so SECONDARY PRIMARY PRIMARY cold, so soften cool rooms with the use of creamy neutral colors, soft fabrics, & warm accessories. baby doesn't get overstimulated at sleep time. PURPLE WHITE BROWN PINK WHICH COLOR FOR THE NURSERY? red yellow orange Red is a great and fun accent color but too much red in the nursery can be over-stimulating and may keep your child from calming down at nap and night time. If you really like red, try using it in art, on shelving, and on furniture and temper the bright with neutrals and earth tones. Welcoming and friendly, orange can put people at ease and inspire social interactions. However, too much orange can be overstimulating so it is best to use as an accent color on one wall or in décor and accessories. Although yellow has always been a popular gender neutral baby color with its bright & cheery association, it might not be best choice in the nursery. While soft yellow promotes happiness & concentration, too much bright yellow can overstimulate & create a fussy baby. green blue purple Green is a truly relaxing color evoking feelings of nature, especially in softer shades. Light greens reduce anxiety and calm the body and mind. Greens can promote healthy, restful sleep and promote concentration. Green can help to calm down a fussy baby or prepare a young child for bedtime. Blue exudes positive energy. Light, soft blue is peaceful, and can calm mind and body. light blue tones are a good choice for children who have trouble sleeping. Bright blues are energizing and are a great choice for play areas and as a nursery accent color, but to encourage restfullness at sleep times stick with more calm- ing colors for crib bedding. A popular baby girl color, purple shades are associated with wisdom, spirituality, & wealth. Use soft lilac and lavender shades for a soothing nursery. Purple is a great accent with whites & grays. Use deeper & brighter purples for a luxurious nursery brown pink white Traditionally a nursery color for girls, soft pink is both soothing and serene and is a good choice for nursery wall paint. Studies show that too much bright pink can cause distraction, so it is best to save the hot pinks for accent colors. White is actually a great color for nursery room walls. Creamy whites add warmth, while bluish whites add a coolness to a room. White walls Brown shades have become very popular in the last several years. Brown works great with other earth tones and with color too, but browns should be used as an accent color since too much brown can inhibit also allow you to focus colors with the crib bedding, furniture, & décor. creativity and make a room look drab. EVERY CULTURE ASSOCIATES COLORS WITH DIFFERENT IDEAS AND EMOTIONS in BELGIUM Blue is for a baby girl & Pink for a baby boy in IRELAND Green is lucky in U.S.A. Red is attributed to anger or hate Blue means trust, loyalty, professionalism Green symbolizes growth, rebirth, & nature in INDIA Red stands for purity, fertility, & prosperity, Yellow means healing & holiness, Blue stands for power & life in CHINA Red means good luck & joy Yellow symbolizes earth & royalty White is the color of mourning In almost every culture yellow represents sunshine, happiness, and warmth. • WORLD COLORS • The most popular color in the world is BLUE. The second favorite colors are RED and GREEN, followed by ORANGE, BROWN and PURPLE. YELLOW is the least favorite color, preferred by only five per cent of people. Another interesting survey finding: both men and women increasingly dislike orange as they age! COLOR MYTHS It is sometimes said that babies cry more in yellow rooms, that yellow causes diarrhea, & that husbands & wives fight more in yellow kitchens. None of these A Red raises blood pressure & quickens the heartbeat. Red is immediate effects are only temporary & do not apply to Orange is said to increase immunity, sexual potency, & to help with all digestive ailments, chest, & kidney diseases. strong color but its everyone. have been proven. It has been said that sleeping on a green pillow prevents baldness. Green is also Purple has been used in the care of mental & nervous disorders because they have sometimes shown to help balance the mind & help calm obsessions & fears. There are many "pseudo studies" that suggest that blue rooms can calm or considered the best color to wear during pregnancy, offering a sense of renewal and harmony. depress people. Under closer scrutiny none of these have stood up. PEACEFUL GROWTH HEALTH TRUST DEPENDABLE STRENGTH OPTIMISM CLARITY WARMTH EXCITEMENT YOUTHFUL BOLD FRIENDLY CHEERFUL CONFIDENCE CREATIVE IMAGINATIVE WISE BALANCE NEUTRAL CALM brought to you by the friendly people at world's largest baby furniture store GREEN PRIMARY SECONDARY SECONDARY ORANGE RED YELLOW GREEN RED BLUE ORANGE PURPLE

How Color Affects Your Baby's Mood

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Discover how different colors can affect your baby's mood. This nursery color guide will help you narrow down which color(s) to choose based on how you would like your nursery environment to be.


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