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How to choose a perfect Bed Sheet for your room?

HOW TO CHOOSE A PERFECT BED SHEET FOR YOUR ROOM The décor of any room is influenced by many factors but one of the vital factors is the right bedsheet for your room. Not only choosing a perfect bed sheet contributes to a good night sleep but also adds a touch of vibrance to the aesthetics of any room. How to select a perfect bed sheet that provides comfort and match the room interiors as well? What things to be considered while choosing a bedsheet for your home? The info graphic guide below provides the tips on making a choice for selecting a bedsheet that would perfectly complement your room. Thread Count Horizontal- Thread count refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. Many people believe that higher the thread count, softer the bed sheet but it is not always the case. For comfort, you can choose 100% cotton but not necessarily 1000-thread count bed sheet. You will do fine with 400-500 thread count sheets. Also, you may find the high thread count bed sheets stiff as there are so many fibers which are confined together. So, thread count matters but it is not everything. Material There are different types of material available to choose from like cotton, linen, Tencel, bamboo and silk etc. The choice of material entirely depends upon your preference. Cotton is the most common material with high quality and is extremely comfortable. Within cotton there are different choices to make for example: percale, sateen, organic and flannel. Linen is another great material and is made of flax plant. It is breathable and | also absorbs moisture and has a lush feel. | Choose Tencel if you like silky smooth sheets. Important thing to be taken care is that it has to be hung dried not machine dried. | For bringing a sense of luxury to the room, choose silk bed sheets. 3 Color Go for colors that add hues of relaxation and calmness to Warm Colors your space and give a comfort feel. A fusion look with warm colours is a good choice. You must also consider your interiors and the wallpaper to decide about the color of your bed sheet. If you prefer longevity of bedsheets then go for staple colors and textures like gray mal, coal or ash. 4 Fit It is also important to buy the sheets that are of correct size. It is important to consider some shrinkage after washing especially when investing in a cotton bed sheet. Using fitted sheets as compared to regular ones works better. View the size chart to avoid any confusion. Seasonality This factor is important for people who prefer to change their bedsheets as per the season. For summers, light colored bedsheets are preferred and for winters dark color fabrics should be purchased to keep the bed warm. 6. Prints and patterns From traditional prints to solid colors, bed sheets are available in many patterns. It is necessary to complement your room décor with the combination of colors and designs. Where solid colors are graceful, the printed bedsheets add a fresh look to your house. Go for the patterns as per your taste and style. So when it's time to choose your bed room décor, don't forget to look at the key consideration of choosing a right bed sheet for your bed to ensure a perfect setting for your home. Not only it will provide you a sense of relaxation but will also help to refresh your mood. References t-for-a-single-or-double-bed FABBORN

How to choose a perfect Bed Sheet for your room?

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This IG gives some interesting tips on how to make a good choice on how to choose bedsheet for your room and elevate your living space.


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