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Home Sweet (Printed) Home

HOEET (Printed HOME One of the keys to human happiness is shelter. But for millions of people around the world, adequate shelter is more a dream than the U.S., home prices keep many people from reality. Even here in ownership. Could the same technology that alleviate cts using 3D printers dable reality? penanavists to create objects HOUSING WOES By the end of 2011, 26 million people around the world became homeless because of war, violence or human rights violations, while 15 million lost their homes to natural disasters. housing shortages and make homeownership an. 15 million people around the world lost their homes uo natural disasters =1 million 828 million People around the world living in slums 1 1-1 million New home construction 3.5 million And for those who can find it, Average length to completion: 6 months adequate housing can be expensive and time- Americans who ----- are likely to experience homelessness in a given year 2 Median cost: consuming. $260,100 million CAN YOU REALLY PRINTA HOUSE? Sort of. The technology exists to create what's essentially the shell of a house, and it may even be possible in a few years to install plumbing and electrical conduits using the same technology. Here's how one prototype system works: 4.5 Piece of land is cleared and leveled. 2 Workers lay down two rails a few feet outside the eventual width of the building. A crane with a hanging nozzle and Component-placing arm is affixed. The crane travels along the rails. and the nozzle Spits out concrete in layers. 5 The layerS of Concrete eventual. create hollow walls. The hollow walls are filled with additional concrete, most likely leaving Space for electrical Conduits, plumbing and other infrastructure. Humans then hang doors and inSert windows. CLOSE TO REALITY? Though it's difficult to pin down whether it's actually first, a 3D printed house project is now underway in Amsterdam. DUS. Dutch architectural firm Dus is working on building what it calls the Canal House, which will eventually be opened as a design museum when it's completed. The firm expects the structure to be fully functional in about three years. 6 Contour Crafting technology, developed by a team at the University of Southern California, is working on similar technology, and it's expected to be ready for market in two to three years. Once the technology is available widely, Contour Crafting could enable a 2,500-square-foot home to be constructed in about 18-19 hours with a crew of four. SOURCES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Home Sweet (Printed) Home

shared by christopherpnauman on Apr 16
3-D printing is one of the most interesting subjects of our day. From printing prosthetic limbs to printing firearms and jewelry, it seems that the possibilities are endless. One of the newest paths 3...


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