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Home Security Systems

GIZGĄ HOS& GGES HOME SECURITY SYSTEM НOМE 01 WHERE TO PLACE YOUR HOME SECURITY SYSTEMS PRODUTCS. Home security systems can include cameras that can be hooked up to your TV, computer, or even a smartphone SURVEILLANCE OUTDOORS ALARMS A peep hole in the door can help you control who is on your property Cut back trees and shrubbery these coukld provide cover for thieves Install systems that have loud sirens you and neighbours will be aleted of intrusions to your home Toughened glass DOORS & WINDOWS - Solid door ·Install a lock Don't advertise valuables FENCES Movement sensor lights expose anyone entering your property at night A fence that's too low will offer no protection, while one that's too high can be claustrophobic. Ensure that the fence is not easy to climb If your fence has an entry point, install a lockable gate LOCKS Deadlocks, dead bolts and dead latches are commonly A dead bolt is not spring actived and is released by a key on either side of the door. A dead latch used on the main exterior doors. These can either be automatically locks the door with a sparing- actuated latch bolt surface or mortice - mounted. 02 MISTAKES DONE BY HOMEOWNERS 52% 94% 50% 78% of homeowners make the of homeowners leave of homeowners stated that common mistake of hiding keys by doorways parcek deliveries left out- side was a big draw leave valuables in easy view of passers by windows open 03 GOODS MOST COMMONLY STOLEN IN BURGLARIES 34% 30% 24% 17% MONEY ELECTRICAL JWELLERY MOBILE 04 REASONS YOU NEED TO INSERT IN HOME SECURITY SYSTEM NOW 1. TO DETECT POTENTIONAL CRIME. 2. TO DETECT SMOKE & FIRE. 3. TO GET A DISCOUNT ON YOUR HOME INSURANCE. 4. TO CONTROL YOUR HOME REMOTECLY. 5. TO HELP CAW ENFORCEMENT RESPOND FASTER TO EMERGENCIES. 05 FEATURES THAT YOU "MUST HAVE" IN A SECURITY SYSTEM ALARM VIDEO SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS FIRE & SMOKE DETECTORS MOTION SENSORS REMOTE CONTROL PET MONITORING DOOR BELL & LOCK SELF DEFENSES 06 HOW TO IDENTYIFY THE BEST INDOOR & OUTDOOR CAMERAS INDOOR OUTDOOR IDEAL LENS ANGLES GOOD IMAGE QUALITY WIRELESS OR MINIMUM AMOUNT OF WIRES WEATHEPROOF MOTION DETECTION RUGGED & STURDY DESIGN VIDEO AND POWER CABLES INFRARED /NIGHT VISION CONCEALED INSIDE MOUNTING WIDE AREA OF COVERAGE INFRARED / NIGHT VISION 07 ACT NOW GIZGA.COM HELPS PROTECT YOUR HOME INDOOR CAMERA OUTDOOR CAMERA BABY MONITORS ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS IP SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS ALARM SYSTEMS DOORBELL & LOCKS NIGHT VISION CAMERAS Refrence: 025712983.html

Home Security Systems

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HOME SECURITY SYSTEMS : The security of your loved ones at home is anyone’s first priority which involves installing a secure environment at home, a security system that monitors the house and nearb...






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