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Home Security is 100% Possible Now

HOME SECURITY TIPS HIDDEN DANGERS IN YOUR HOME GET A 24-HOUR MONITORED HOME SECURITY SYSTEM! TIP A home security system is only as good as the people who monitor your alarms. Be sure to do your research and check with the Better Business Bureau before picking a security company. HOW MONITORING WORKS Sensor Triggered x3 Sensors installed throughout your home communicate activity that takes place. HOMES WITHOUT A HOME SECURITY SYSTEM INSTALLED ARE 3 TIMES AS Monitoring Center Responds LIKELY TO BE BURGLARIZED The monitoring center at Protection 1 evaluates triggered alarms to see if an emergency response is needed. 14.6 ((A) Local Help Dispatched SECONDS In the event of an emergency, Jocal police or fire assistance will be notified. EVERY 14.6 SECONDS A BURGLARY OCCURS IN THE UNITED STATES TOP 10 CITIES WITH HIGHEST CRIME RATE 1 DETROIT, MI ST. LOUIS, MO OAKLAND, CA CLEVELAND, OH NEW ORLEANS, LA NEWARK, NJ ATLANTA, GA 8 BALTIMORE, MD MEMPHIS, TN 10 KANSAS CITY, MO HOW INTRUDERS BREAK IN 3% 2ND FLOOR 6% UNLOCKED ENTRANCES & STORAGE AREAS 22% BACK DOOR GARAGE 4% BASEMENT 34% FRONT DOOR 23% IST FLOOR WINDOWS Securing your doors and installing a motion sensor is a great first step to ensuring your home and protects the majority of home intrusions. TIP CARBON MONOXIDE-THE SILENT KILLER DANGER Gas build up can come from a car running in the garage, improperly running appliances, a chimney flue not properly opened when in use or soot buildup, improper ventilation and gas stoves. 150 t1tt PEOPLE TIPS EACH YEAR, MORE THAN 150 PEOPLE DIE FROM ACCIDENTAL NON-FIRE RELATED CO POISONING • Install a CO monitor-test it regularly. • Get updates through your laptop or smartphone. ASSOCIATED WITH PRODUCTS INCLUDING FAULTY, IMPROPERLY-USED OR INCORRECTLY-VENTED FUEL-BURNING APPLIANCES SUCH AS FURNACES, STOVES, WATER HEATERS AND FIREPLACES FIRE HAZARDS 85% MINUTES IT TAKES TO SPREAD THROUGH A HOUSE ABOUT 85% OF ALL U.S. THE SIZE OF A FIRE MINUTES FORA FIRE FIRE DEATHS IN 2009 DOUBLES IN 30 SECONDS OCCURRED IN HOMES DANGER Fire spreads quickly, and often times there is no time to gather valuables or make a phone call. TIPS • Install fire/smoke CHIMNEY/FIREPLACE DUST AND LINT • Clean lint out of dryer • Spend extra time vacuuming around tight spaces, electrical outlets and power strips SPACE HEATERS detectors • Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, laundry room and garage. • Create a fire evacuation plan with your family. • Keep chimney clean • Yearly maintance and inspections • Make sure fire is out • Don't use flammable liquids • Don't leave unattended • Turn heaters off • Don't use to dry clothes • Keep at least 3 feet away from objects KITCHEN WORN OUT OVERLOADED CANDLES ELECTRICAL CORDS POWER STRIPS • Don't leave flammable itemns on top of stove • Keep an eye on it • Never leave candle buming • Keep candles/matches/lighters away from children. • Keep away from furniture, decorations and other flammable items • Limit the amount of things plugged into a power strip • All appliances should be turned off and unplugged • Never walk away • Use microwave safe dishes • Keep cords out of reach of children and pets • Check regularly for damaged cords and replace • Unplug unused appliances

Home Security is 100% Possible Now

shared by andreafisher007 on Nov 15
These days, a lot can happen to a home. Between home burglaries, fires, carbon monoxide leaks and other accidents, there are plenty of hidden dangers in your home. Being prepared goes a long ways. Di...


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