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Home Insulation: How to make your House more Energy Efficient

Home Insulation Making your house more energy efficient. Why do we need Insulation? | 60% On average, we spend between 50 - 70% of our energy budget on heating and cooling our homes. By having good ventilation in place, less energy in consumed. On average, the family home will save anywhere between £300 - £400 per year. Poor Insulation = Heat Loss 25% Roof ----- 15% 25% Floor 35% Windows & Doors Walls Loft Insulation is a really effective way of reducing heat loss through your roof. On Average, a job pays for itself within 3-5 years so it's worth the investment! Cavity Walls or Solid Walls are two popular choices in terms of ventilating your walls. You could save anywhere between £100 - £500 each year depending on the size of your home. The most cost-effective method to preventing heat loss through your windows is via restoration which protects your house from any unwanted draughts. By Insulating your floor, you can save around £60 a year. Insulating between floors can also be beneficial to the overall efficiency of your home. What are the Benefits? Reduce Energy Costs Lower CO2 Emissions Temperature Control Reduced Condensation Higher Property Value Less Noise Pollution How Condensation Control Can Help Condensation control is a way of increasing the air circulation in your home. By doing this, we minimise the amount of moisture inside, and the good news is that these practices are very easy to follow. Open all of your windows on a daily basis to allow moist air to escape, a great form of natural ventilation. Although not always possible, try to dry your clothes outside. If this isn't possible, put them in an enclosed room and keep the window open When using your kitchen or bathroom, keep the door closed when possible to keep the moist air contained within that room. Keep a gap between your walls and furniture, this keeps the air flow active throughout the room. Check to make sure airways within your property are not blocked, such as air bricks or chimneys Try to keep heating levels at a constant temperature to avoid the release of moisture, particularly important in the winter months Infographic by... Sash Windows North West

Home Insulation: How to make your House more Energy Efficient

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Reducing the amount of energy we use and the amount we spend on our bills is something we all want to achieve, but to do this means being committed to making same well needed changes around the house....


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