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Home Decor Ideas

- SHOPPE – MAISON ROSE HOME DECOR IDEAS 1. SET THE COMBINATION BETWEEN CHAIR AND SOFA:- You should think a little about it that your sofa chair and the sofa have combination to place with each other. Furniture should be arranged in a way that they show a combination between each other and invites for conversation. Both types of your furniture should be placed in such a way that it senses balance and intimacy. 2. WINDOW DRESSING AND USE KITCHEN ACCESSORIES The window covering is optional. But if you feel lots of sun rays in your kitchen you can use curtains of light color and place some kitchen accessories in the center of the window shelf inside the kitchen. 3. USE AN ELEGANT MIRROR Mirrors make space feel bigger and brighter and let light bounce in the whole room if placed in a good direction. Put mirror walls perpendicular to the windows. Don't place the mirror opposite the window side because it will bounce back the light to the window. 4. USE DECENT ARTWORK TO YOUR WALL Artwork for a wall can be a great option if it is motivating appealing art. Choose artwork according to your home decor theme and work color. We recommend hanging pictures at the average height. And use bigger artwork for large walls or you can also use various arts together at a proper gap or sequence. 5. LAYER YOUR LIGHTING Lighting comes in different varieties. There are usually three types of lighting- Ambiance, task, and accent. Out of these ambient lighting comes from ceiling fixtures and provides overall illumination. Take light you should use in the kitchen. Accent light is another way to decorate and highlight more your artwork. 6. USE RUGS OF PROPER LENGTH UNDER FURNITURE FEET Rugs make your room look elegant and give finishing to it. For the living room, use rugs of appropriate size in which all legs of all furniture properly fit on it. The average length living area usually requires is 8-by-10-foot or a 9-by-12-foot rug. Don't go with a small rug because it will not look elegant. 7. GIVE OLD FINISHES You can also use the old dated fixture for decorating your home to give your home a vintage and classy look. The dining room corner could be the best place for these types of classy accessories. Grouping different type of vases and stones in a water pot at the center of the dining table gives it a refreshing look. 8. USE CUSHIONS AND PILLOWS Use cushions of beautiful print that show your unique sense of selection and taste. Set a combination between curtains sofa color and cushions. They should appeal to each other. -SHOPPE 310-405-1002. MAISON ROSE

Home Decor Ideas

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Home decor accessories are an inexpensive way to decorate your home according to trends. Trends change every year but the change in the overall look of the home is not possible for all.




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