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Home Burglary

HOME BUR GLARY Most Commen Ways Homes are Brekon indo & What is Usually Stden HOME INVASION AND HOME BUR GLARY STATISTICS Home invasion is a crime inolving illegal entry of a home, whether or not the occupants are home. Criminals who break into homes may intend to rob, assault, rape or threaten the Occupants if they are present. -53% Residential burglaries generally happen in the daytime, when people are not at home and are a crime of opportunity. Homeowners can take steps, including installing a home secu- rity system, to decrease their chances of being victimized. According to the FBI, a burglary occurs somewhere in the US every 15.4 seconds. HOMEOWNERS' SATISFACTION Worldwide, home burglaries have dropped by approximately 53% over the last 10 years.- 95% of home securi- ty owners are satis- fied with their alarm systems. 88% of all burglaries are resi- dential in nature. 54% of home securi- ty system owners are unsure of how to ope- rate their systems. 77% of all crimes are proper- ty crimes. 3 out of 4 homes in the US will be broken Although daytime burglaries has increased by 47% in the US, 27% of home- owners with security systems am their alamms only when they go to bed. rate of into within the next 20 years. WHAT THEY STEAL Burglars are opportunists. They take anything that may be of value. Usually they look for small, expensive items that can easily be conver- ted to cash and will not hinder their getaway. Burglars' favorite items are: Cash Laptop Eletronics CDs Jewelry Watches THE COST OF SE CURITY BENEFITS OF A HOME SE CURITY SYSTEM BRREE $1,000+ is the average cost of damages caused by home intrusion. You can save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance by ins- talling a home security system. $99 is the cost of a complete home security system. $30 is the average monthly cost for home security monitoring. HOW BUR GLARS ACT AND HOW TO PROTECT YOUR HOME 22% of burglars gain entrance through a back door. 4% of burglars get in through an unlocked entrance. Use good lighting along the pathway and at your door 9% of burglars enter through the garage. 2% of burglars enter somewhere Keep your car locked, even inside on the second floor. your garage. 23% of burglars gain entrance through a first-floor window. 34% of burglars enter through the front door. Open no more than 6 inches for ventilation. Use a solid core or metal door for all entrances. Use a quality, heavy- duty deadbolt with a one-inch throw bolt. Use anti-lift devices to prevent window from being lifted out. Burglars typically choose to rob unoccupied homes with the easiest access, greatest amount of cover and the best escape routes. + Install an alarm system in your home. It definitely has a place in your home security plan and is an effective deterrent to many would-be burglars. Don't be an easy target. Sources: Crime Doctor | Gorell | Home Security | Wikipedia | Article Alley | Street Directory 87% of all home burglaries are considered to be preventable.

Home Burglary

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There are many different ways burglars can gain entry to your home. They work out precise plans to get in, take the items they want, and get out as quickly as possible. Three out of every four homes i...


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