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Home Appliance Lifespans

HOME APPLIANCE -LIFESPANS-- REPLACEMENT COST I High I Medium ILow Lifespans shown in years Air conditioner Humidifier 8 years Refrigerator Smoke detector 8 years Range 13-15 years Compact refrigerator 9 years Microwave Garbage disposal 12 years Dehumidifier 8 years Dishwasher Boiler 13 years lelectrici 21 years Igasi Furnace warm air) Washer - 10 years r Water heater 10-11 v Dryer Freezer APPLIANCE LIFESPANS YEARS ....... ....... Dehumidifier Humidifier Smoke Detector Dishwasher Microwave Oven Refrigerator (Compacti Washer Water Heater, Gas Freezer Water Heater, Electric Garbage Disposal Dryer (Electric or Gasl 13 Range, Electric 13 Refrigerator, Standard 13 Boiler, Electric Range, Gas Air-Conditioner, Window Unit 15 Furnace, Warm-Air, Electric 15 Furnace, Warm-Air, Gas Furnace, Warm-Air, Oil Boiler, Gas 21 Oyrs 5yrs 10yrs 15yrs 20yrs 25yrs APPLIANCES TO WATCH CLOSELY FOR WATER DAMAGE HAZARDS Hoses on Icemakers, Dishwashers, & Washing Machines Hot Water Heater Air Conditioners Leaks and failures are Condensation from air conditioners can quietly drip onto your floors, walls, and window sills if common as water heaters Leaky appliance hoses can create a water damage age. Approximately 1 out of 10 failures occur when the homeowner is away. nightmare, especially if they're not discovered right away. These are inexpensive parts - swap them out for high quality you're not careful. Make causing significant damage. Have your water heater inspected and maintained regularly. sure that condensation drain pans and lines are positioned properly, free of clogs, and don't cause water to spill into the room. replacements at any sign of wear. Don't let a $15 hose cause $40,000 of water damage! APPLIANCE TIPS OFF Inspect your home's Test appliances' on/off switches Keep an eye on your and open/close valves. For appliances several times per year. Get to know each appliance - look for signs of appliances' "weakest links" - example, don't wait until there's cheap parts like valves, hoses, an emergency to find out whether your toilet's water shutoff valve closes properly! and connection hardware, wear, along with anything out of the ordinary. which can create massive problems when they fail. Vacation properties: Regular inspection Most modern smoke detectors last and maintenance is even more important if approximately 8 years. This varies, however, you don't spend much time at the and some smoke detectors need to be property, because you likely won't be replaced sooner - check with the around to catch warning signs of appliance failure. Check on your household manufacturer for specifics. Test your smoke detector and its batteries regularly, and appliances each time you visit the property. and have a local handyman help as needed. install replacements whenever necessary. Use leak detection devices with automatic Locate your washing machine and water shut off valves and/or phone dialing capability. heater in the basement, so that if they leak, to help minimize water leak damage. the water can't cascade down to floors below. APPLIANCES REPLACED IN A YEAR IN THE US (MILLIONS) Microwaves 13.3m Refrigerators 9.1m Washers 7.3m Dishwashers 5.6m Garbage Disposals 5.4m Dryers, Electric 5.1m Water Heaters, Gas 4.9m Range, Electric 4.3m Water Heaters, Electric 4.3m Range, Gas 2.9m Freezers 1.9m Dryers, Gas 1.4m 3m 5m 8m 9m 10m 12m 13m 14m 15m es are an water domage Water Damage Defense is an online distributor of specialty water damage prevention equipment. We equip homeowners so they can protect their property from the devastating effects of water damage. DEFENSE Read our home improvement tips at: SOURCES: Appliance Magazine - | National Association of Home Builders – Water Damage Defense - | US Fire Administration - All facts, figures, and advice provided herein are intended for informational purposes. Before relying on such information or beginning any construction project, please ensure to consult a professional, © Copyright 2013, Water Damage Defense.

Home Appliance Lifespans

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home appliance lifespans with tips for keeping your appliances healthy




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