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The History of Modern Air Conditioning

"HISTORY Modern Air Conditioning The From 1902 to 2002, how air conditioning found its place in America and how it influenced our homes, public places, and transportation. Key I Air conditioning I Air conditioning influence in public places I Air conditioning influence on transportation Timeline influence at home 1902 First modern air conditioner created First office building with air conditioning. by W.H. Carrier. 1904 Self-contained mechanical refrigerator that uses ammonia and mounts on the side of an ice box. Missouri State building has an air conditioner that blows up to 35,000 cubic feet of air per min. 1906 Patent filed for dew point control system that led to standardized air conditioner units. First office building designed for air conditioning. 1914 Domelre is the first air cooled, electric, self- contained refrigerator. 1923 An electrical refrigerated ice cream dipping cabinet is marketed to stores. Cabinets use Fun Fact Work begins on Mount Rushmore. a refrigeration system to chill alcohol-based anti-freeze that surrounds the ice cream cans. 1927 General Electric mass-produces the refrigerator nicknamed . "the Monitor Top". Fun Fact Time Magazine is launched. CIM 1929 First room cooler with 1 ton capacity, is devised for outside the home, or in . basements, and uses sulfur dioxide. 1930 The Centrifugal Chiller is a smaller air conditioning unit that . started to appear on trains. Fun Fact Cost of a gallon of gas: 10 cents. 1931 Hot-Kold is a year-round central air unit. • Fun Fact First use of 1938 Window air conditioner that uses freon . created by Philco York. seeing eye dogs occur. 1947 43,000 low-cost, mass-produced window units are sold. 1,045,000 units sold by 1953 1954 Nash Ambassador is the first compact, affordable, single-unit heating and A/C car with dash controls. 1959 Packard Motor car company gives the option of having air conditioning for A $274 extra. 1960 20% of all automobiles in U.S. have air conditioning with up to 80% of . automobiles in Southwest U.S. 80% = Southwest 20% - Rest of U.S. 1968 AMC Ambassadors come standard with M. air conditioning. P) PB 1969 54% of all domestic automobiles have air conditioning. Fun Fact Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is established. Fun Fact 1987 Minimum energy efficiency requirements are set for room air conditioners as well Launch of the 288 Portable Computer that weighed under 2 Ibs. as for refrigerators and freezers. 1987 The U.N. Montreal Protocol is established as an international agreement to eliminate CFC refrigerants that break down the earth's ozone. 1992 Minimum energy efficiency requirements are set for commercial buildings. 1998 21st century research on air conditioning and refrigeration begins with the goal of decreasing energy usage and increasing air quality. 2002 6,746,326 units of central air conditioners and air source Fun Fact The Winter Olympic heat pumps are shipped! Games are held in Salt Lake City, Utah Sodces ACPRO .............................

The History of Modern Air Conditioning

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How often do we take for granted the modern conveniences we enjoy that are the result of innovations over the past century? When our air conditioning system breaks down and leaves us sweltering in the...


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