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Helping Your Child Avoid the Flu

Helping Your Child Avoid Children are more likely to catch the flu and are usually the first to get sick. children play a big role in spreading the flu because they are always in close the Flu contact with other children and adults. The flu virus makes the kids feel horrible and can lead to problems like stomach pain, earaches and even convulsions. Listed below are 6 ways to help your kid avoid the flu. Get the flu shot get your Flu shot The flu shot is 90% effective in healthy kids. If the child has hever gotten the shot before and is under four years old, they should get another flu shot about four weeks after the first shot. Infants 6 months and younger are hot eligible for the shot so it will be best for the parent to get the flu shot instead. (2) Teach your child hand hygiene Kids are still learning hygiene so it will be very important for the parent to practice proper hand hygiene with the child. Hand washing has been proven in help stopping the spread of the flu. It's very important to make sure they are washing properly before meals, after using the bathroom and whenever their hands are dirty. i3 Avoid sick people and dangerous areas Keeping your child away from other sick children ahd places that may collect flu-carrying bacteria and germs is one of the best methods for keeping your child healthy. Make sure you avoid the flu as well According to the Canadian Paediatric Society, kids can often catch the flu from their parents. If you already have one child who's sick or you are sick yourself, you can pass germs to another child. Make sure you consistently wash your hands and regularly disinfect common living areas in your home. 5 Humidify your home Scientific evidence says that the flu virus survives best in low-humidity environments. A new study at the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that humidifiers in the home may help to kill the flu virus, but more research is needed. 6 Encourage your child to exercise Make sure kids are getting enough physical activity every day to stay healthy. Exercise boost the and can help kids fight the flu better. Taking your child to an indoor playground is a safe way to keep them active and healthy even when the weather is poor. system Following these 6 steps can definitely decrease your child chance of getting the flu. * * *** * * * * * * * ** * ** ** * * * ** * *** * * * ** An Infographic by, JUNCTION ************** ***** ***** **** **** *

Helping Your Child Avoid the Flu

shared by kidjunction on Mar 30
Avoiding the flu is tough. It becomes even more difficult when they are children involved. Children are much more likely to catch germs and flu-carrying bacteria and are often likely to spread to illn...




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