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Heating Your Home

HEATING the SCIENCE YOUR HOME Heating our homes may seem as simple as flicking a switch on a boiler, but it's actually a complex scientific process. So, how does it work? There are three main types of heat transfer: CONDUCTION, CONVECTION AND RADIATION. CONVECTION Convection is the transfer of heat through the movement of molecules within a material. IN THE HOME If a room is cold and you switch a heater on, the cold air will absorb the emitted heat. AIR CIRCULATION HEAT RADIATOR As hot air is less dense, the heat will rise. Cold air is denser, so remains low and is heated by a radiator. Eventually, this cycle will heat the whole room. PROBLEMS SOLUTIONS Open doors, windows and cracks allow cool air to enter and warm air to Ensuring doors and windows are closed properly, and repairing any cracks or openings will help keep warm air in the room. If the problem persists, draught excluders can help. leave the room. This counteracts the work done by the radiator and should be avoided, especially in winter. CONDUCTION Conduction is the process of transmitting heat or electricity through a material or substance, without the movement of the material. IN THE HOME In order for heat to be conducted, a difference in temperature is required. This means that heat from your home can be lost through walls. INSIDE OUTSIDE 21°C 10°C SUMMER TEMPERATURE In the summer, this works in the opposite direction, with heat from outside moving into the cooler home. If the temperature is higher inside than outside, heat will move from the warmer area to the cooler area. RADIATION Radiation is the emission of energy as moving particles. RADIATION CONVECTION CONDUCTION 21°C 10°C RADIATION CONDUCTION In the same way as heat is gained, The sun radiates heat through space heat can be lost from our homes to earth. This heats our homes via via radiation. conduction through walls and roofs. HEAT LOSS An uninsulated home loses: 25% OF ITS 30% OF ITS HEAT THROUGH HEAT THROUGH THE ROOF THE WALLS Heat can also be lost through the floor and windows. HOW CAN I REDUCE HEAT LOSS IN MY HOME? There are many ways you can reduce the amount of heat your home loses. LOFT INSULATION Loft insulation is thick material that is installed in lofts, attics and roofs to prevent the loss of heat. HOW MUCH HOW MUCH WHEN WILL IT DOES IT COST? CAN YOU SAVE? PAY FOR ITSELF? Installing loft insulation in a detached house The installation costs should be covered Each year, loft insulation can save owners of costs around detached houses up to in under £395 £250 2 YEARS CAVITY WALL SOLID WALL INSULATION INSULATION Homes that have been built after Homes built before 1920 are unlikely to have a gap between brick layers, so cavity wall insulation isn't an option. Instead, walls are insulated externally, with insulating material and rendering, or internally, with insulation boards. 1920 usually have external walls that feature two brick layers with a cavity separating the two. Cavity wall insulation fills this gap, helping to trap heat and reduce heat loss. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Installation costs on a detached External insulation | Internal insulation property are around £9K - £26K I £4K - £16K £720 HOW MUCH CAN YOU SAVE? Each year, a detached-property HOW MUCH CAN YOU SAVE? Annual bills in a detached owner can save around property can drop by around £250 £460 WHEN WILL IT PAY FOR ITSELF? WHEN WILL IT PAY FOR ITSELF? External insulation | Internal insulation Covering the cost of installation will take around 19 - 57 YEARS 8 - 35 YEARS 3 YEARS ENERGY-EFFICIENT WINDOWS While all properties lose heat through windows, energy-efficient windows can significantly lower how much escapes. They are normally double or triple glazed and have an efficiency rating from A-G, with A the best at retaining heat. You should select Low-E glass when choosing energy-efficient windows. The metal oxide coating makes it difficult for heat to escape, and minimises the amount of light and heat that can enter. HOW MUCH The most efficient windows will have gases like krypton, xenon or argon in-between panes, and warm edge spacers. CAN YOU SAVE? Replacing single glazing with A-rated double glazing in a detached home can save approximately £130 - £175 Featuring little or no metal, these spacers help to keep the two panes of glass apart, trapping warm air. SOLID FLOOR TIMBER FLOOR INSULATION INSULATION In modern properties, you can lay insulation on top of a concrete floor but below your floor covering to trap in heat. In older properties, there may be suspended timber floorboards. You can install insulation under these boards to You can also seal gaps in your floorboards. prevent heat loss, HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Installation costs in a detached property are Installation costs in a detached property are £900 - £2,400 £300 - £700 HOW MUCH CAN YOU SAVE? HOW MUCH CAN YOU SAVE? Annual bills in a detached Annual bills in a detached property can fall by property can fall by £75 - £95 £100 - £12O WHEN WILL IT PAY FOR ITSELF? Covering the cost of installation will take WHEN WILL IT PAY FOR ITSELF? Covering the cost of installation will take 9 - 32 YEARS 3-7 YEARS ALTERNATIVES There are some simpler and more affordable measures you can take too. DRAUGHT HEAVY INSULATING INSULATING EXCLUDER CURTAINS PIPES WATER TANKS WHAT IF MY HOME IS TOO HOT? In the summer, our homes can become uncomfortably warm. Rather than conserve heat, we need to lose it. This can easily be done by: INSTALLING AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLING FANS OPENING WINDOWS OPENING DOORS HOW DOES AIR CONDITIONING WORK? Air conditioning units transfer heat from inside our homes to outside through the following process: The chemical refrigerant absorbs heat. The heat travels through the system to the outside coil. As air passes over the coil, the heat escapes into the outside air through the fan. SOURCES https://www.e-education.psu.edw/egeel02/node/2053 COURTESY OF @creative commons WALL

Heating Your Home

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Heating our homes may seem simple, but it's actually a complex scientific process.


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