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A Guide To Screw-In Light Bulbs By Shape

A GUIDE TO SCREW-IN LIGHT BULBS By Shape There's a huge variety of light bulb shapes out there for your every need! Let's take a look... AP HOUSEHOLD Look Like This... LAMPS (BUT THEY ALSO LOOK LIKE THESE) with today's technology, many different light sources fit in the same places and perform the same tasks, but they look quite different while doing it! GLOBE SHAPED LAMPS Look Like This... STRAIGHTFORWARD, RIGHT? These light bulbs normally go in more decorative fixtures like bathroom light bars and ceiling lights. POST LAMPS Look Like This... NAMED FOR THEIR CYLINDRICAL SHAPE THEY'RE USED. "= & INDOORS OUTDOORS CHANDELIER LIGHTBULBS Look Like These... (FOUND IN 2 VARIETIES) These lamps come in 2 shapes: torpedo and bent tip, to compliment almost any ornamental fixture you fancy. 04444 SIGN LIGHT BULBS Look Like This... (IDEAL FOR SIGNS & BUSINESS MARQUEES) REFLECTORLAMPS BEEFECIOBTVW62 Look Like This... These lamps come in 4 distinct shapes, based on their specific reflector. Even the various sizes (diameter is indicated by the number beside each lamp) look SOMETIMES. different! Reflector i.e. a BR30 would have a diameter of PAR Parabolic Aluminized 30/8". A PAR16's diameter is 16/8". Reflector Bulged BR Reflector TUBULAR LIGHT BULBS Look Like This.. IT'S A TUBE! These sleek lamps screw into tons of unique places like display lights, aquarium lights, and other decorative fixtures. f e @PegasusLighting PEGASUS 800.392. 4818 LIGHT ING

A Guide To Screw-In Light Bulbs By Shape

shared by pegasuslighting on Aug 21
We can't help noticing when something has a nice shape...Enter this infographic: an illustrated guide to screw-in light bulbs by shape - all you need to know to pick out the perfect light bulb for any...


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