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Guide to Laundry Care Symbols

The Glamumous Guide to Laundry Care Symbols

30- Very Gentle Wash at 30 degrees C.

40- Gentle Wash at 40 degrees C.

50- Wash at 50 degrees C.

Hand Wash

Do not wash

Bleaching Allowed Do Not Bleach Professional Clean Only

Numbers without the washing symbol denote the maximum temperature

Lines beneath symbols denote a gentle wash or spine. More lines mean a gentler wash.

The letters I and P within a circle provide professional chemical cleaning instructions.

The letter W in a circle denotes professional wet cleaning instructions.


Tumble Dry (Low Heat)

Tumble Dry (Normal Heat)

Do Not Tumble Dry

A circle in the square symbolizes a dryer.

Tumble drying temperature is explained by the number of dots.

The more dots, the higher the heat accepted.

Line Dry

Dry Flat


A square without a circle inside symbolizes that the item must be dried naturally.

Diagonal lines in the top left corner explain that the item must be dried in


Iron (Low Heat)

Iron (Medium Heat)

Iron (High Heat)

Do Not Iron

The number of dots equates to temperature

One dot for 110 degrees C.

Two dots for 150 degrees C.

Three dots for 200 degrees C. The Glamumous Guide To laundry Care Symbols Washing 30 40 50 Very Ciertle Wash Gentle Wash at 40"c Wash at 50'e Hand Wasli Do no: waslı • Nuribers willuu the wasbing syubol denole tbe raxirnun teriperalure Д · Liies benruta synols denote a grutle wash or spin. Mure lines incari a gertler was - The lettery I' and P within u cirrle provide pmlessiural zhenical eleaning instriclions. • The letter W in a circle denotes professional wet cleaning instcion Ttlearhing Alhwest Ifess nal tlen Only Drying • A zircle in the syribxlises a iryer • Turnhle irying Ienperature is ealained hy the rimter of dets. • The irore cols, he hugter the Feal axeplet. Trnble Dry iLow Hear) Turnhle Dry (Normal Hcati TD Not Tumble Dry • A 4rarc vithour a cire'e inside symbolises that I:le ileun Juust e driet • Triagnnal lines in the rmp left corner cxplain rhar I.le ileun Juust e driet iu Lie sluxie. Lin: Dry Diy Flat Daip Ironing • The riurrihe af dots oUates to trmperature • One det for 11e Two doty for 150* Tureu duls for 200 : Inon Low HeatJ Iruo (Mediuoi Ilea.) Iror. (Iligh LJeat) Du Nol En er: Rer:: Glamumous www.glansumemEe P.

Guide to Laundry Care Symbols

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Laundry symbols can be a little confusing. Many clothes labels provide only pictograms and omit written instructions for important details to keep our garments looking their best. To save yourself ti...






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