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A Guide To Choosing The Right BBQ

A GUIDE TO CHOOSING THE RIGHT BBQ EEFBEDPEREBEREBAARA We Brits love a good barbecue, but with so many different models to choose from, picking one to use this summer can be a bit of a challenge. Take a look below to learn about the different BBQ types and their personal merits. The Facts: Barbecuing and entertaining is now the UK's number one summer home leisure activity. The UK is one of Europe's leading BBQ nations, with two-in-three UK households owning a BBQ grill. Flat-bed grills are the most popular, but hooded BBQ's now account for over 40% of all sales. CHARCOAL Nothing beats the traditional BBQ experience of cooking on a charcoal grill. Sure it can take a while to get the barbecue burning, but once you do, you're rewarded with that succulent and unforgettable chargrilled taste. Pros Cons • Traditional BBQ taste • Can take awhile to light • Easy to find fuel source • Burns for long periods • Needs to be monitored of time and get started • Often less expensive than others regularly • There's a lot to clean up afterwards GAS These versatile grills are quick to heat up and perfect for enjoying a BBQ whenever you want. The adjustable dials also give you complete control over your heat, allowing you to cook various different foods at once. Pros 1 Cons • Easy to get started Great for impromptu BBQS Adjustable heat • Relatively easy to clean • Usually Pricier Expensive to repair • You can't quite replicate that original chargrilled BBQ flavour ELECTRIC For the most flexible grilling experience, look no further than an electric grill. These convenient cookers allow you to enjoy BBQ food all year round, whatever the weather, as they can be used both indoors and out (as long as you have an extension lead). Cons Pros . Enjoy BBQ food indoors • Miss out on the • No need to buy fuel • Control over the traditional BBQ experiences and flavours Difficult to take outdoors temperature • Relatively low-cost MASONRY Bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your garden with a beautiful, high-quality masonry BBQ. Sturdy, reliable and relatively easy to light, these gorgeous grills are perfect for alfresco dining whether you're throwing a party or just cooking for the family. The carefully crafted chimney also means that the smoke is carried up and over the heads of any guests. Pros Cons • Easy to construct • Well designed and built to last • Can take up valuable • BBQ is permanently set up • Chimney promotes good airflow garden space • Expensive • Difficult to move Fantastic garden focal-point SMOKER Enhance your BBQ experience by creating your own succulently smoked food with your very own BBQ Smoker. Why settle for artificially smoked-flavour foods when you can lock the real rich flavour into your food by slowly cooking it indirectly. Pros + Cons • Get that much sought-after • Much slower than other smoked food taste • Plenty of sources for fuel • Add different flavours with cooking methods A lot to clean up after various wood-chips PORTABLE Bring that brilliant BBQ experience with you wherever you go with a portable BBQ. Available in all different shapes and sizes, they offer the perfect solution for those who don't have the space available for a full size grill. Pros • Take it anywhere • Disposable means no mess • May need to buy a new one to clean up • Take up very little space Cons • Slower than a full size BBQ every time Resources: Garden Gift Shop This Infographic was brought to you by Garden Gift Shop. Home of the perfect gift for every garden. Visit us online at to find out more. UK's Secret to Garden Gifts

A Guide To Choosing The Right BBQ

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Choosing a BBQ should be an enjoyable process, but with so many different types of grill to choose from, things can quickly get confusing. Check out this informative infographic and make the right ch...


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