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The Good and Bad of Indoor Air Quality

The Good and Bad of Indoor Air Quality AC PRO UV LIGHTS Destroys biologcal pollutants such as viruses, ASBESTOS bacteris, sllorgens and molds that are airborne or growing on AC parts. SYMPTOMS: Long term exposure can cause chest and abdominal cancer and various lung discases. SOLUTIONS. Trained and qualfied removal contractors ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY CELLS PESTICIDES AND CLEANING PRODUCTS Removes surface and airbome bacteria, viruses and mokd in the home Reduces por SYMPTOMS Imitates the eyes, nose and throot. Con damage central nerous system and kidneys, and can increase risk of cancer. and odor particles in the air. SOLUTIONS Use producta as directed. Mix atrong producta outdoors and stere outside, or use Ventilation. FILTERS CARBON MONOXIDES (GAS AND COMBUSTIBLES) Removes polutant particles in the air. Filter cffciency is based on its MERV rating the higher the MERV rumber the more parlicles it removes from the nir. SYMPTOMS Causes fatigue, chest pain, impaired vision and coordination: headaches; dizziness confusion nause can be fatal in hvgh amount SOLUTIONS Venlilation Plants and Electromagnetie Energy Cella a Có detector and properly maintained gas syatema checked annually for leaka or cracks VACUUMS/MOPS Removes or dsinfects biclogical pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, allrgens, and molds on floors. LEAD ourd in kad peint dunt and tup weber SYMPTOMS Affects mental and physical growth kidneys and blood cels. High amounts can cause coneulsions, coma and death SOLUTIONS Keep home dust free with Filters, Vacuuma und Mops. Leave lead-bused paint undisturbed let professionals remove it if needed SMOKE (FIRST AND SECOND HAND) SYMPTOMS: ritates the cyes, nose and throat. Can cause lung cancer and hcart disease SOLUTIONS. Uhe outdoors whenever possible Ventilation, Filters, UV Lights and Clectromagnetic Energy Cells should be used PLANTS Removes carbon dioxide in air and produce oxygen. Helps lter pellutants in water and ground RADON dound underground inrock) BIOLOGICAL (POLLENS AND PETS) SYMPTOMS: Cause 7000-s0,o0o deatha a year VENTILATION SYMPTOMS: Iritates the eyes, nose and throat. Can cause asthma fever fu and other infectious diseases through lung cancer. SOLUTIONS Tost home for radon every s yours SOLUTIONS: Ventilation, Fillers, UV Lights and Electromagnetic Energy Cells should be used. Can clear a room of harmful toxina in the air and circulates outside ir indoors und have profesaionala Ax radon leaks Source:

The Good and Bad of Indoor Air Quality

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Do you have a stuffy, sneezing, itchy or red nose; then chances are you have allergies. Allergies are more common then you may think, about 1 in 5 people in the US suffers from allergies. We shouldn't...


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