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Get The Look: Interior Design Trends From Around The World

Get the Look! Interior Design Trends -From Around The World- Japan Get the Look! Bamboo Small Plants Sliding Oriental & Paper Interiors Doors Decorations Offering you a flexible living Choose neutral Liven up the Add life to the room, for tranquility & to add an extra materials for room with lampshades & furniture space detailed patterns feature plash of accessories. natural colour Japanese Colour Palette "Tranquil & neutral colours = a calm & elegant room." PANTONE 571C WHITE PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE 624C 728C 195C Mexico Get the Look! Natural & Earthy Furniture Accessories in Earthy Flooring Geometric Patterns Abundance To complement the fiesta in the furniture Opt for straight lines & colourful prints Don't be afraid of some clutter Swap a carpet for neutral flooring such as wood or tiles Mexican Colour Palette "Bold & bright colours = a vibrant & rich room." PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE 486C 7524C 75320 5405C 129C Sweden Get the Look! Eco-friendly Living Natural Keep it Simple Don't Clutter Light Let in light by patterns & neutral ditching heavy Choose basic Embrace minimalism by keeping surfaces clean & tidy Truly embrace the Swedish culture colours for the curtains for furniture & walls wooden blinds Swedish Colour Palette "Cold colours = a light & airy room." WHITE PANTONE 5807C PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE 7541C 688C PROCESS BLACK China Get the Look! Minimal Layout Shoji Screens Ceiling Symmetry Art For tranquility & a reflective Create detailed bamboo ceiling Arrange furniture To partition rooms in straight lines with elements of & provide a rich, detailed structures for a traditional look environment symmetry decoration Chinese Colour Palette "Rich & calming colours = a bold & warm room." PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE 492C 438C 157C Cool Gray 1C 7529C Italy Get the Look! Designer Furniture Open Space Style & Substance Grandiose Paintings As the centrepiece of Lift the room with beautiful artwo Keep the clutter All accessories away, for a spacious & airy feel must be good oking as as functional гoom Italian Colour Palette "Earthy & neutral colours = a stylish & sophisticated room." PANTONE PROCESS BLACK PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE 7524C PANTONE 7541C 7534C 350C Morocco Get the Look! On the Simple Floor & Walls Decorative Colourful Down Low Lighting Mosaics In dark and Keep furniture For decorațive Fill the room with lanterns for neutral colours, low down to the wall art and a such as ground mood lighting splash of colour earthy tiles Moroccan Colour Palette "Rich & earthy colours = a rustic & homely room." PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE WHITE PANTONE 480C 7528C 555C 491C Colonial USA Get the Look! Dark Wood Spacious Layout Rustic & Statement Furniture Pale Textiles Lighting For creating a Keep clutter down by creating richer look to the clever hidden storage solutions To keep the space looking Adds a regal touch room roomy Colonial Colour Palette "Different shades of the same colour= a neatly coordinated room." PANTONE 461C PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE 155C 1245C 497C 4975C Kenya Get the Look! Dark Furniture Rich Textiles Carved Pop Colours Sculptures Try painting a wall in an energetic colour for added Fill the room Keeps all the colour of the Add bold with lively animal decorations textures & room well colours with rugs, cushions & throws balanced vibrancy Kenyan Colour Palette "Vibrant & bold colours = a colourful & tribal room." PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE Cool Gray 1C 410C 4120 1420 1595C France Get the Look! Subtle Rustic Mix & Chandelier Patterns Trinkets Match On all the major textiles, including sofas Don't let your colours & With a worn Ensure the lighting is detailed & & well-loved patterns get too 'matchy-matchy look extravagant French Colour Palette "Light and soft colours = a graceful and delicate room." PANTONE PANTONE 549C PANTONE Cool Gray 10C 705C PANTONE PANTONE 5513C 203C India Get the * Look! Dark Furniture Rich Intricate Details Don't overdo it! Aromas .................. Let your Against all the colours, keep your furniture neutral Give your accessories room to breathe by keeping spaces uncluttered Fill the room with colourful accessories shine with beads. bright colours & scents of India rich textures Indian Colour Palette "Bright & earthy colours = an extravagant and rich room." PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE PANTONE 5645C 409C 486C 7411C 681C Sources Flag of Kanya by User. PumbaaB0 - http//www.kanyarchiven go keflag_specfications.htm Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons Flag of France, Japan, India USA, Italy & Sweden Via Wikipedia Flag of Mexico by Alex Covarrubias, 9 April 2006Based on the arms by Juan Gabino. (This vector image was created with Inkscape Mexican Govermment Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons) Flag of Morocco by Denolsonea, Zacout370 - adala juntice (Ar). Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons Flag of the People's Republic of China by Drawn by User: SKopp, redrawn by User Denelson83 and User Zscout37ORecode by cs User i- (code), User Shizhao (colors) - Own work, ktagslengh_fagldesign.html. Licensed under Publia domain via Wkimedia Commons VIBRANTdoors

Get The Look: Interior Design Trends From Around The World

shared by RFox91 on Oct 10
Everyone wants individuality in their home; to have their own unique twists. In recent years Interior Design trends have changed and we're bringing international designs into our homes. We have create...


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