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Gardening Tools Guide - Which One Should You Choose?

YOUR GARDENING TOOL GUIDE By ARE YOU PLANTING? YES Did your plant come in a container smaller than 10 centimetres? The Hand Trowel Because of its light light weight and durability, the hand trowel has became the average gardener's best friend for a Tong time now. YES NO NO Did your plant come in a container smaller than 15 litres? NO YES The Shovel When buying a shovel make sure it's sturdy and round-pointed. Short- handled shovels are used for lighter digging and lighter handles work really well when the soil is hard. Planting larger or balled and burlapped plants is best done with a shovel. The Pickaxe When your project requires more power then'it's time får the pickaxe. It s recommended for more experienced gardeners because of the way it õperates - a pickaxe is swung over the shoulder to chop a hole into the soil. It is best used for dealing with rocks or chopping deep tree roots. NO The Hand Pruners With their short handles, sharp blades and spring mechanisms, the hand pruners are perfect for cutting woody plants or stems 3 centimetres or less în diameter. ARE YOU PRUNING? Are the stems woody? YES NO NO YES Are the branche thicker than 3 centimetres? NO Are the branches thicker than 6 centimetres? YES YES The Pruning Saw When buying a pruning saw make sure its blade ís around 20 čentimetres otherwise it won't help you for cutting The Long-Handle Ratchet Pruners ...or also known as loppers. This is the proper tool for pruning in the garden. The handles ensure that no brănch remains too high and the ratchet mechanism multiplies the hand strength to make cutting easier. s more than 5-6 diameter. There are also folding tis imetres iñ pruning saws on the market. I i importănt for them to have a locking mechanism to be used safely by the gardener. ARE YOU weeDinG? YES YES The Stirrup Hoe The stirup hoe is made of a D-shaped blade and a handle. It is scuttled båck and forth just below the soil to chop the roots óf any weeds. Are the weeds established and deep-rooted? NO NO The Hori Hori This tool has been used in Japan for centuries to deal with unwanted weeds. The name Hori Hori literally means "Dig dig". The serrated blade is used to cut through roots and the sharp side is perfect for cutting weeds. ARE YOU SOWING seeDS? YES YES The Hand Seed Sower The seed sower has different size seed openings to sort the different seeds by their size. In addition it drops just one seed at a time because of its funnel- shaped dispensing spout. Are you trying to sort the different types of seeds? NO NO The Swan-neck Hoe Because of its V-shaped blade, the swan- neck hoe is perfect for making the ideal planting rows. It has been used for centuries by farmers and planters in Europe, Asía, the Middle East and Africa. Enjoy your free time!

Gardening Tools Guide - Which One Should You Choose?

shared by MaxSchau on Nov 04
Gardening is not an easy task. It requires a lot of knowledge, reading and experience. So why not start today? With this guide we will explain the basic tools required for planting, pruning, weeding a...


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