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Gardening Gadgets for the 21st Century Gardener

GARDENING GADGETS For the 21st Century Gardener LAWN & SOL Lawn Aerator Shoes Aerating the soil is really important as it creates passages that allow air, water and nutrients to reach the root system. The long spikes of the aerating sandals penetrate deep into the ground, opening up spaces in the compacted soil. So, you don't have to carry a heavy tool to aerate your yard. Just walk and let your soil breathe! rapitest The multipurpose tester helps you to monitor the conditions of the soil pH, soil moisture, light intensity and total combined nitrogen and phosphorous and potash levels (NPK). Monitoring the soil is essential as all plants have their preferred growing conditions. The tester is easy to use as you just have to slide the selector switch to the test being performed. The tester will aid you in deciding which plants will work best in each particular area of your garden. Rapitest Soil Tester CatStop Repellent The cat deterrent emits a suden burst of ultrasonic sound that humans cannot hear as soon as your cat reaches the garden limits. The sound startles the cats and keeps them away. It can monitor up to 280 square feet and operates for up to six months on a single 9-volt battery. The Mantis Tiller You can actually carry this lightweight tiller to your garden with one hand. Though lightweight, it is powerful enough to till thrrough sod and compacted soil. The unique, patented serpentine tines claims to turn soil into a fine texture, ready for planting. It's easy to start and operate and digs ten inches down. PLANTING EasyBloom Plant Sensor The Plant sensor would help you in choosing the best plants for any location and provides plant care advice. All you need to do is plant the sensor in the soil for 24 hours. Then, you get recorded the detailed readings of sunlight, temperature, humidity and soil drainage. The Digital Pot The Digital Pot measures soil conditions, temperature, humidity, and water – and calculates those variables based on the need of the plant contained. It then advises the plant owner what the plant needs via a series of pictograms on an LCD display. It also indicates if you've over-watered and will systematically drain itself into a water vessel. The Pet Plant can be connected up via a USB port and the computer software could give you valuable information on how to keep your plans healthy. Special Bulb Planter This spring-loaded gadget simultaneously digs the planting hole and removes the dirt in one fell swoop. If you like planting a lot of bulbs, this could be of much use to you. Just stab the tool into the soil and squeeze the three-fingered pulley. There you have the perfect planting hole. However, it is the most suited for light, fluffy soils. Trake The Trake is a combination of a Trowel and a Rake. Two sturdy tools in one. Doesn't that sound good? The measured trowel is pointed for easy digging and the rake is narrow enough to cultivate between crowded plants. It is made of lightweight solid cast aluminum with a comfortable vinyl that allows a good grip of the handle. COOL ACCESSORIES High Tech Plant Examining Glasses A technology developed by NASA scientists, These sunglasses help you find these unhealthy conditions of your plants much before the normal human sight can trace them. The lenses block out green colour reflected from Chlorophyll in healthy turf, causing it to appear black or gray. This enables problem plants to be quickly identified. This one saves you from the tedium of standing for a long time while picking vegetables or cleaning up your garden. The stool features a seat made of sturdy co-polymer with molded-in holes for easy adjustment or replacement of harness straps. Soft nylon harness with snap-on lock keeps the stool in place and is designed to hold up to 250 Ibs. Wearable Gardening Stool SquirrelStop Spinning Detterent The Squirrel Deterrent helps you keep your bird feeder an attraction for those beautiful birds. When a squirrel climbs on your feeder, the increased weight starts the SquirreiStop motor, spinning the feeder and causing the squirrel to jump off. The shrub sculptor is small in size and this particularly helps in precise shaping of bushes. Its 4" stainless steel rotary blade quickly cuts through branches up to 1/4" thick, mulches the clippings to 1/10th their original size, and sends them to its integrated receptacle. With more advantages than a single disadvantage, it is a nice try. Garden Groom Shrub Sculptor We hope you enjoyed our infographic! WATERMATE Practical Gardening Solutions Sources:

Gardening Gadgets for the 21st Century Gardener

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We all love to take care of our garden, some more than others. There are tons of really great gadgets to make gardening easier and fun. With the technology of today, you'll find a range of great tools...


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