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Furniture Origami: Saving Space in Your Apartment

FURNITURE ORIGAMI ะจ Saving you space in your apartment More people are downsizing on living space but are not downsizing on living quality. The rise in micro dwellings has led to a surge of creativity in furniture design. THE "GROWTH" OF MICRO DWELLINGS The Stats The average micro dwelling is 186 sq/ft A typical U.S. home is 11 times this size 2007 2014 2015 .. Since 2007, the size of homes has shrunk by 5% By 2015, it will shrink by another 10% 55% 60% 28% of micro dwellings are owned of households in the U.S. are of micro dwellings are owned by people under the age of 50 single-person homes, making larger spaces less necessary by women The Costs 68% of people living in micro dwellings have no mortgage 78% of micro dwellings are owned by their occupants - compared to 65% of traditional homes 89% have less credit card debt have more money 55% saved in the bank than the average adult 65% have zero credit card debt Famous Micro Dwellers NEW YORK LUKE CLARK TYLER USA + 78 sq/ft - barely wider than a hallway! Tyler designed and built his own transformer furniture out of plywood, which bends and moves to suit his needs He only pays $800 rent a month CHRISTIAN SCHALLERT BARCELONA Furniture hidden behind seamless wood-clad panels SPAIN Furniture hidden behind seamless wood-clad panels + 258 sq/ft The apartment is an empty cube when not in uUse; as furniture is needed, it is assembled or pulled into place Unknown ZAARATH & CHRISTOPHER PROKOP NEW YORK USA + 149 sf/ft (14.9 feet long and 10 feet wide) Includes a queen-size bed (a third of their living space), mini-fridge and hot plate, one kitchen appliance, closet-sized bathroom with shower, sink and toilet, and kitchen cabinets that are used for their clothing S Purchased for $150,000 FELICE COHEN Second floor NEW YORK USA + 90 sq/ft Using a loft bed, Cohen sleeps close to the ceiling, while using the space below for her living area She only pays $700 rent a month MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR SPACE Space-saving Tips And Tricks Use storage drawers and shelves Many beds on the market now come with large purpose-built storage spaces underneath or in the headboards Try taller dressers and armoires Using space vertically will give you more floor space Use mountable appliances KITCHEN Try to mount as many appliances as possible, placing items like microwaves on the wall, or above an oven rather than the counter Use drawer organizers Try hanging baskets Keep maximizing how much wall space you can use Dish drying For dish drying, try mounting a drying rack above your sink. This space also works well for extra storage Vertical all-weather storage solutions are the perfect place for keeping extra items BALCONY Try suspending items like bicycles Install a cabinet or shelving above your toilet to houUse BATHROOM A convertible sofa, fold-out furniture, or a bed that can roll out of a small space to maximize a tiny room Use ottomans and coffee tables that also more toiletries or your linen offer storage space Space Saving Products Fold-out beds The Murphy bed has made a comeback in recent years, with a frame concealing the bed during the day and allowing it to only fold out when you want to sleep, it saves on lots of space Trundle beds Beds These beds are raised to make space for large roll-out drawers. Some variants even double as couches, making them perfect for the living room Bunk-beds The old sleep-over favorite, these beds have one bed on top, and one on the bottom. The twist is how storage is offered, with some models offering storage drawers underneath and others building beautiful stairs, with Storage platform beds Beds raised on a heightened platform, offering substantial room for drawers - plenty of place for clothing and linen Loft beds Like the traditional bunk bed, these beds have a ladder to a bed above, but underneath there is room for a each step constituting its own drawer desk, a living area, or more storage Chairs and Folded cardboard Folding tables & chairs Tables Nils Frederking has won an award for his tables and Easily storable, these chairs are made out of cardboard and simply fold away when you don't need them chairs which fold with the touch of a button. In their folded state, the tables are slimmer than two inches Responsive Wall Systems Walls To really have your home function like origami, the latest trend is the responsive wall system Based on kinetics, these "Wallbots" can change and reconfigure themselves around your living area based on your current needs +. Embedded They adapt to real-time data, such as the weather, a person's social network profile, or the person's Intelligence behavior The walls stretch This creates the illusion from 3 to 5 feet and and functionality of multiple rooms communicate wirelessly with each other The user can close off sections of their home from guests, create a sense of open space, or The walls then move freely on wheels using an electromagnetic mechanism allow the user a sense of privacy when they want to sleep CONCLUSION With these amazing space-saving items, it doesn't matter the size of your home - anyone can easily upgrade the way they live, store their household goods, and get a peaceful night's sleep. Sources: Presented By: entry/small-house-plans-infographic.jpg WHOLESALE FURNITURE BROKERS .....-: BEDROOM LIVING ROOM

Furniture Origami: Saving Space in Your Apartment

shared by singlegrain2013 on Feb 14
Let's take a look at some micro dwellers and learn how to fully utilize your tiny home by using the right furniture.




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