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False Ceiling Lighting - FAQ

FALSE CEILING LIGHTING FAQ LIST What is the difference between False Ceiling Lights & Decorative Lights? Decorative Lights is a broader terms & consists of all types of lights - wall, ceiling, floor, lamp. False Ceiling Lights are basically decorative lights meant for ceilings only Can we install ceiling lights without false ceiling? Yes. Lights like chandelier, pendant lights, wall scones can be directly installed on ceiling. However, False Ceiling Lights like cove lights, recessed lights etc. have better aesthetics and are energy efficient. What are different types of False Ceiling Lights? Chandelier, Pendant lights, Foyer Lights, Track Lights, Recessed Lights, 3 Rail Lights, Cove Lights, Strip Lights All of these fall under these 3 categories - Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting & Accent Lighting. What is the difference between Chandelier and Pendant Lights? Chandelier - Designer fop more ambient lighting. These are more formal and hang with a central body with single or multiple lighted ams. 4. Pendant Lightrs - Decorative or mood setting false ceiling lights. These are minimalistic and hang as a singular body from a central chain or rod. Can we use chandeliers and ceiling fans together with false ceiling? Depends on room size. If room can accomodate false ceiling with 2 fans then, then we can position a small chandelier between the 2 fans, else ceiling fans with lights would be required. Standard distance between fan blades and false ceiling lighting fixture: 39 inches What are false ceiling LED lights? These are energy efficient singular bulbs, not harsh on eyes, energy efficient, and set the mood/ ambience. Energy consumption is as low as 4 Watts. Popular brands - Philips, Havells, Syska, Bajaj. 9. Why are backlit ceiling panels trending these days? In addition to looking extremely fancy and glamorous, backlit ceiling panels also serve the dual purpose of false ceiling and lighting in the same unit. What are the common mistakes made in selecting false ceiling lights? Not considering where the shadow will fall. Choosing the wrong size of false ceiling lighting piece. The location of the false ceiling light - Incorrect energy source. How to pick the perfect false ceiling light for living room? You can choose from the following options: 9 LED recessed lights, cove lights, lights for wooden panels, decorative lights, backlit ceiling panels How to pick the perfect false ceiling lights for bedroom? Track lights Spot lights for perfect illumination of paintings. 10 Make beautifully shaped false ceiling for kid's bedroom with LED lights. Go eclectic - Use electric shades How to choose best false ceiling cove lighting? Selected based on ambience required, energy efficiency, warmth needed. Different Types: Florescent Lights - Strong & bright, long lasting, can use dimmer Rope Lights - Soft glow, uses minimum electricity, budget friendly 11 LED Lights - Ecofriendly, most durable. What are the prices of false ceiling price? Decorative Light Prices: Vary from Rs 1500 - Rs 5,00,000. Brands; Tisva, Jaquar, Eglo, Havells, Syska etc. 12 Lighting Fixture Prices: Popular range cost - Rs 500 - Rs 2000, Brands - Philips, Havells, Wipro, Crompton etc. Source:,,,,,,,,, Brought to you by Did you like the infographic? Get more false ceiling visual content on Buildingandlnteriors Conect.Decideiot

False Ceiling Lighting - FAQ

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The false ceiling design decision is a fairly complex process. A lot of factors have to be taken into account - the aesthetics, functionality, and whatnot. But once the false ceiling design and materi...


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