The Evolution of Home Security

THE EVOLUTION OF HOME SECURITY NOWANAYS THERE ARE PLENTY OF OPTIONS FOR KEEPING YOUR HOME SAFE & SECURE. Motion Fingerprint Recognition Temperature Sensors Detectors Cellular Alarm Monitoring Specially Trained Canines Voice Recognition A Internet Video Streaming Services Retinal Eye Scanners Integrated Fire, Medical, & Security Alarms O Wireless Video Numbered Keypads BUT OUR ANCESTORS ABOUTHOME SECURITY. HAD THEIR OWN IDEAS CLIFF DWELLINGS INCAN STONE HOMES CAVES CASTLES TIPIS 50,000 years ago 1500s- early 1900s 1200 BC - 1300 AD 1100s -1500s 1100s - 1500s Considered the "private fortified Offered Formed by using niches or caves in high cliffs. Sturdy and strong with a high degree of craftsmanship. Could be shelter and were fairly disassembled residence" of a lord or noble. and packed quickly when a tribe decided temperate. to move. COLONIAL HOMES MADE STRUCTURAL PROGRESS & MOVED HOME SECURITY FORWARD. 1600s-1820s Building styles and techniques were influenced by European architecture. SECURITY FEATURES: Fences Lamps Guards Secure Location Tools and Weapons EVOLUTION OF MODERN SECURITY SYSTEMS Robert Barron invented and patented 1778 a double-acting tumbler lock. 1852 Edwin Holmes invented the foremost contemporary alarm. It employed a trip wire which, if triggered, activated a mechanism that struck a gong. (0) 1853 The first electromagnetic burglar alarm patent was issued to Augustus Pope. The alarm was battery powered and utilized an individual unit for each window or door. 1916 Samuel Segal invented the first jimmy proof locks. 1969 Marie V.B. Brown patented the first video security system. 1976 Retinal scanning was developed by Robert Hill. SOURCES

The Evolution of Home Security

shared by diamondlocksecurity on Mar 31
There are many new techniques to safeguard your home - digital locks, security cameras, motion detectors, access control systems, fingerprint recognition systems, and many more. But have you ever thou...


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