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Eureka! Everything You Need to Know About Light bulbs

Eureka Everything You Need to Know About Lightbulbs THINGS TO KNOW Lumens: Units of Brightness ******** The more lumens a bulb has the brighter it will be Wattage {w}: The amount of power required to power an electrical appliance or device The lower the Never exceed the watts the maximum wattage lower the recommended for electricity bill your lamp Light color Light color or light appearance is measured on the Kelvin (K) temperature scale. Lower Kelvin numbers signify more yellow light. Higher Kelvin numbers denote whiter or bluer light. Bright White or Cool White Warm Daylight White Good for kitchens, Good for bedrooms, Good for workspaces, living rooms, or dens reading and bathrooms ........ ...... 2700°K 3000°K 3500°K 4100°K 5000°K 6500°K LIGHT APPEARANCE CHOOSE YOUR LIGHT TYPES OF BULBS AND LUMENS LIFE EXPECTANCY Incandescent 450 • 40w • $4.28/year 1100 • 75w • $9.03/year 800 • 60w • $7.23/year 1600 • 100w • $12.05/year • 1,000 hours •1 year Halogen 450 1100 • 53w • 29w • $3.49/year • $6.38/year 800 • 43w • $5.18/year 1600 • 72w • $8.67/year • 1,000 hours • 1-3 years CFL (Compact Fluorescent) 450 • 11w $1.23/year 1100 • 20w • $2.41/year 800 • 13w • $1.57/year 1600 • 23w • $2.77/year • 10,000 hours • 6-10 years LED (Light Emitting Diode) 450 1100 • 17w • $2.05/year • 9w • $1.08/year 800 • 12w • $1.44/year 1600 • 20w • $2.41/year • 20,000 hours • 15-20 years PICKING THE BEST BULB Incandescent Hg A number of specialty Standard incandescent bulbs are being phased out Does not contain mercury incandescent bulbs will remain available Halogen Hg Does not contain Use less energy then mercury incandescent bulbs CFL Vs. LED CFL LED Save up to 75% a year in energy Save up to 80% a year in energy costs costs Hg Do not contain Hg Contains a small amount mercury of mercury Less Lasts longer Expensive SIMILARITIES Have lower wattage than incandescents, but emit the same amount of light Available for indoor and Both are the most energy-efficient options outdoor use RECYCLING BULBS Incandescent and Halogen Not accepted by most recycling centers Don't contain Return burnt out any toxic materials Call your local municipal recycling center to check bulb to original packaging before throwing away so glass won't shatter CFL Illegal to dispose of in trash or recycling bins in some states Some large retailers have CFL recycling Take care A drop off location may be located in your town or city when recycling due to mercury services LED Many are made with materials that are all Don't contain Can be any toxic materials disposed of in trash recyclable and can be put in the recycling bin Choosing the right light for your home is key to making it a cozy, comfortable environment. • • • • • • Brought to you by In Partnership with: P PartSelect GHERGICH&Co. %24

Eureka! Everything You Need to Know About Light bulbs

shared by Ghergich on Oct 19
Picking the right light bulb to use in your home can be tricky. Do you know how many watts you need? What light color? Learn about the three different metrics to watch when choosing a light bulb; lume...


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